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A spider crawled into my keyboard earlier.

It's okay, I've got him under Ctrl.

I made this up today. How do you print something when you've really got to go to the toilet?

You ctrl p.

My internet addiction is so bad...

Its alt of ctrl.

Ctrl joke, My internet addiction is so bad...

Chuck Norris jokes

When Chuck Norris' code throws exceptions, it's across the room.

Chuck Norris' keyboard doesn't have a Ctrl key, because nothing controls Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris can delete the recycling bin.

Chuck Norris threw a grenade and killed 50 people. And then the grenade exploded.

When Chuck Norris goes into a room, he doesn't turn the lights on, he turns the dark off.

Feel free to add more. Shamelessly stolen from the internet.

What is Poseidon's favourite shortcut?

ctrl + C

A politician asked me...

"How do I prevent my opponents from underlining inconsistencies in my record?"

I said simply "Don't let them CTRL U"

Teaching my father computer shortcuts

Father: " Son, I just don't understand some of these things, I want to ctrl D but when I do I end of pasting everything?"
My response "No dad, that's ctrl V"
Mother responds " Well he couldn't ctrl his D in my V 15 years ago either!"

Ctrl joke, Teaching my father computer shortcuts


This was originally a tech support tale but I thought it was funny enough to turn into a joke.

>Speaking to a Canadian: "Hit Ctrl+A."

>Canadian: "Okay, I hit Ctrl, eh? And nothing happened, eh?"

Why did Steve Jobs eat all the cookies?

Mac users have no CTRL

So a spider just crawled onto my keyboard

But don't worry I think it's under ctrl.


...the human equivalent of CTRL ALT DELETE

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I ground up my ctrl key and gift wrapped it. The card reads:

This is ground ctrl.
TO: Major Tom

(Merry Christmas David Bowie!)

What were Stephen Hawking's last words?

Ctrl + Alt + Del

I have three kids named Ctrl, Alt, and Del.

When they mess up, I hit them all at once.



Hey I can dream, ok?



Edit*: sorry it seems as the CTRL button on my keyboard isn't working

Ctrl joke, V

How to gain Karma

ctrl + c

ctrl + v



EDIT*: Looks like my CTRL key is broken



Edit; My ctrl button must be broken



Whoops, lost ctrl.

Ctrl + V


If A is for Apple and B is for Banana, what is C for?

For pressing with Ctrl right before pressing Ctrl + V


V - I guess I've lost all ctrl

heres a funny one

Ctrl V

The keyboard shortcut for "find" was originally just Ctrl. The F was added to pay respect to those who were never found.

I don't always mistake CTRL for shift

But when I do I'm about to spell a word starting with W


Edit. Sorry I forgot to hit the Ctrl button


Oops Ctrl key isn't working



Oh sorry, I think my ctrl key is broken



Sorry, I think my ctrl key is broken.

There are two types of reposters on this sub:

-Those who try to change a word or two to seem original


My laptop is missing a key.

I lost ctrl.

I smashed up my keyboard and couldnt find the last key

I lost Ctrl

What's the difference between a Sex Worker and Computer Programer?

One controls the use of V and C. The other uses ctrl V and ctrl C.

A spider crawled on my computer

Don't worry, it's under ctrl

People keep asking me why my keyboard keys keep falling off.

It's not like I have any Ctrl.

Why did Karen push CTRL + ALT + DELETE?

She wanted the Task Manager.

A man had the most dangerous spider in the world, a Brown Recluse, stuck in his keyboard.

He called his wife about it.

"Hey honey, I have a venomous spider in my house!" He said.

"Oh my God, are you okay?" His wife asked.

"Yes, I have it under CTRL."


edit : sorry, my ctrl button is broken

Why do Karens like to press ctrl alt delete?

Because from there they can access the task manager

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