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  1. Why do CSGO terrorists hate the desert? Because they don't want de dust 2 get in their eyes.
  2. My computer kept overheating while playing CS:GO I had to stop to give it a quick de_dust.
  3. A French internet cafe had to cancel a CS:GO tournament it was supposed to host, after someone stole all the baked goods. The gamers could not tolerate that much baguette loss.
  4. CS:GO Jokes.. pls dont take this seriously How many CS GO silver ranked players does it take to fix a light bulb??. None! cause they cant climb the ladder lol lel xD...
  5. Real Solder vs CS:GO player Real Solder: "Tell my mom I love her"
    CS:GO player: "Tell your mom I love her"
  6. TBS is going to air CS:GO next year. What should TNT host? League of Legends.
    Because they know drama.
  7. Use Intel Integrated Graphics at Very High settings in CS:GO and save lives Only thing which Intel Integrated Graphics does better than other dGPUs.
  8. I was going to play csgo... but my mouse ran away.
  9. Doctor says I need to cutback on my sodium intake So I quit playing CS:GO
  10. I Played with a Jewish man on Csgo He saved every round

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Csgo joke, I Played with a Jewish man on Csgo

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  1. What does a successful CS:GO bettor spend the money on? Vacation.
  2. What does Congress do when they lose a game of CSGO? They blame the Russians.
  3. CS:GO and Roulette are quite similar They are both fun until you add Russian
  4. What does Hillary do when she loses a game of CS:GO? She blames the Russians.
  5. A girl and a csgo map Baby, if you were a CS:GO map you would be de_stroyed.
  6. The CS:GO Joke. In a COMP match in CSGO how many people does Olofmeister kill?
  7. Why don't they play CS:GO in the jungle? too many cheetahs
  8. What is something I 100% do not own... CS:GO Lotto.
  9. What hack did the feminist use in CSGO? Triggerbot
  10. Snoop dogg and CS:GO have something in common They both smoke mid
  11. What do you call a Skyrim fan that is good at CSGO? Nova'kiin
  12. A guy in csgo uses the m249.
  13. Why do non-Russians in CSGO still Rush B? They can't Rush A.
  14. Why do terrorists in CS:GO have sunglasses? They don't want de_dust_2 get in their eye.
  15. I heard Madden was so boring A player switched to CS:GO

Csgo joke, I heard Madden was so boring

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What do you call an Egyptian god who s**... at CS:GO?


Why did the Polish Army s**...?

'Cause you don't go 1 awp for short!
(Ask some who plays CS:GO if you don't get it)

Csgo joke, Use Intel Integrated Graphics at Very High settings in CS:GO and save lives

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