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The Best Crys Puns

If I had a crystal ball...

I'd sit down *really* carefully...

Had my medical license revoked today.

Being a medical professional is like being in a minefield. All it takes is one mistep and you can lose it all. I made a one-time mistake and slept with a patient. A co-worker heard her passionate crys and came to find us in the act. Embarrassing be as it was, I never expected to be the end of my career.

12 years wasted as a veterinarian.

"Crystal ball, how much time do I have before I die?"

"Five..." said the image on the crystal ball

"Five what? Years? Days? Decades?"

"Four... Three..."

Doing crystal meth lowers your risk of dying from cancer…

by raising your risk of dying from crystal meth.

I have a crystal ball

Which mean i have to sit down carefully

If I had a crystal ball that could see five years into the future...

I would have 2020 vision.

Crystal Clear Silicone Case for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

When is a crystal not a crystal?

When it's agate.

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