Cryptocurrency Jokes

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The Best Cryptocurrency Puns

There's this new cryptocurrency called Decibel. You just yell in your microphone to get money...

It's a sound investment.

Have you heard of the rapper showing off cryptocurrency?

He calls himself blockchainz.

PS. Please be forviging. Haha!

Most people call it grave robbing...

I prefer to call it crypto-currency

How does a skeleton pay for things?

With CRYPTocurrency

What is an assasin's favourite cryptocurrency payment method?


What kind of money do Bloods use?


What kind of treasure do you find in a necromancer's lair?


How many cryptocurrency holders does it take to change a lightbulb?

Trick question. It never gets changed. The bulb is purchased but sits in the box for years until it's useless.

What do cryptocurrency investors do for fun


Crytominers: "Cryptocurrency means freedom from government and banks!"

IRS: "...Hold my beer."

What's a cryptocurrency investor's favorite music?


What does the Mummy use for commerce?


I heard Netflix made a Horror anthology about people who lost all their money on Bitcoin

Tales From the Cryptocurrency

I went to Egypt and raided a tomb.

Now I have a lot of cryptocurrency.

Facebook launches their own cryptocurrency


I'm starting an anti-feminist cryptocurrency

Who's willing to buy some FitCoin?

What's the difference between a crypto-communist and a cryptocurrency?

The crypto-communist is worth something.

What do you call a Cryptocurrency that has bright future?


Friend:"I hate these Cryptocurrency peope who always try convincing me to buy some Dash or sth"

Me:"Dude just hodl on."

What do you call MLM for neckbeards?


You knew the answer before you clicked.

What do you call bitcoin that has escaped the world of cryptocurrency?

Loose change

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