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I've been crying a lot recently

It's shocking how many girls carry pepper spray

A crying blond

A blond goes into work crying her eyes out,her boss asks her whats wrong,she tells him that her mom died,the boss tells her that its ok for her not to come to work,but she disagrees and says that she needs to work to put her mind of it.As the day goes by she feels better,later she received a phone call and starts screaming and crying,when the boss came and asked her whats wrong she says: "That was my sister,HER MOM DIED TOO!"

A crying man walks slowly along the frontier.

He finds a deep hole with a bucket beside it, and lowers the bucket in to pull out some water. While he's having a drink, a quivering voice comes from the hole.

"What's the matter friend?"

The man, surprised, wipes his eyes and replies, "My brother Harvey and I moved out here to find an unique piece of land to call our own, but all the land out here's so common. Anything unusual has already been claimed. Then on top of that, Harvey fell off a cliff this morning and died, and I think it was my fault."

"Hmm," the voice replied, "Harvey says it was just an accident and not to worry about it."

The man, amazed at the fact that the hole is communicating with his dead brother, feels his mood get better immediately.

"Why are you smiling?" the quivering voice asks.

The man thinks a minute then says, "I dunno. I came out here looking for a rare stake, but it turns out I'm pretty happy with one medium well."

Whenever I see someone crying at a wedding..

I always tell them, don't worry, it probably won't work out.


Why was everyone crying after watching Infinity Wars?

Because sand got into their eyes

I was crying and yelling: It's a boy! I cannot believe's a boy!

– Mike, 32, abruptly ending his holiday in Thailand

What do you say to a crying grammar teacher?

Their, there, they're

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