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My marriage is over.

I loved my wife Lorraine in the beginning, but for the longest time I've had a crush on my friend Claire-Lee Robins, who I know feels the same way about me. Eventually Lorraine found out about my secretive feelings, and just like that, she packed her bags and left.

I do feel bad about it all. But then I realised; I can see Claire-Lee now Lorraine has gone.

My crush asked my help to impress a boy. So I told her we should pretend to date to make him jealous.

We've now been married for 10 years and have a kid and she hasn't made any progress with that guy. Maybe I should stop beating him up every time he tries to meet her?

Nah. Need to stay in character.

My crush: You know, you remind me alot of my brother.

[Pulling out]

Me: Excuse me, what?

Crush joke, My crush: You know, you remind me alot of my brother.

Why does the can crusher hate his job?

Because it's soda pressing.


I work in a can recycling factory.

My job is to crush cans.

I don't enjoy it. It's soda pressing.

"Every kiss begins with k"

I whisper to myself as I read the one letter reply from my crush.

A few years ago i asked out my crush, today i asked her to marry me

She said no both times

Crush joke, A few years ago i asked out my crush, today i asked her to marry me

Having a crush on someone is like solving a math problem.

If you know you can't get it, all you can do is just stare at it.

TIFU by sleeping with my Crush

Now there's orange soda all over my bed. :(

Auto correct got me arrested while proclaiming my love to my crush.

Apparently there is no explanation for saying "I wish you were nine."

Finding out a gay guy has a crush on you is like finding 1,000,000 pesos.

You'll think "Well, I can't do much with this right now, but if I ever cross that line I'll be just fine"

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A computer science student...

...was writing a note to his crush before lecture. The student next to him grabbed the note.
The first student tried to grab it back. You can't see that, it's private!
The second student protested, But we're in the same class

Schrodinger's Crush:

Before you ask her out, she is both single and taken

Hey Girl, do you recycle?

Because I'd love to crush that box and leave you by the curb tomorrow morning.

What does a young girl from Arkansas say just before she loses her virginity?

"Careful, dad, don't crush my smokes."

8-year old Alex had a crush on his teacher, so he stayed behind in recess.

The teacher asked Alex if something was wrong, since he wasn't out with the others.

"It's because I'm in love with you, Alex told her.

"Well," the teacher replied - "What If I don't like small children?".

"Then...we'll just have to be careful, I guess".

Crush joke, 8-year old Alex had a crush on his teacher, so he stayed behind in recess.

A can crushers job must be...

Soda pressing.

Fifteen years ago I asked my high school crush out on a date, yesterday I asked her to marry me...

... She said no both times.

I'm a vertebrate that's in love with the president elect.

I guess you could say I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush.

what is it called when your crush has a crush on you too?


I have a massive crush on a world leader, my wife thinks I'm joking...

...but it's Trudeau

My crush told me someone was stalking her when she was walking home.

I instantly called her on her bullshit because nobody else was following her when I followed her home.

My crush told me that I was like a brother to her while we were in the car...

We were driving to New York at the time, and about halfway up the east coast she told me I was like a brother to her. She was surprised when I proceeded to turn the car around and drive the other way without even acting phased. She asked "where are we going now?" My only answer was "Alabama."

I had a crush on a girl with a lazy eye.....

We never hooked up, she was always seeing someone else.

My crush said I'm like a brother to her

Lucky she likes game of thrones

My childhood crush and I are finally getting married this year!

Me in August, and her in November.

I stepped on snail once as a child.

I guess it was my first crush.

Slow typing...

After 25 years... I was chatting with my classmate -my childhood crush online. She asked me why am I typing so slow. I said because my other hand isn't free.
She's not replying anymore.

Lesson learnt
-Never smoke while texting..

My crush and I have a lot in common

One thing is that we both like her but none of us like me.

A man visits his 70th class reunion

He drinks a fair amount there and then asks for his crush from high school's hand in marriage. She accepts and then they drink some more. The next morning the man remembers that he had asked the woman to marry him but not her response, so he calls her up and asks if she said yes. She replies, "Of course I said yes. Thank goodness you called me though." The man, puzzled asks why. She replies "I had forgotten to whom I had said yes to."

My crush is completely paranoid

She told me someone was stalking her yesterday when she was going home. I followed her all the way and didn't find any stalker.

My crush is like a coin

Lots of tail, and 50% chance of getting head

I crushed my coke can today...

It was soda pressing :(

I think I have a crush on my teacher

Me: I think I have a crush on my teacher

Friend: That's gross

Me: I've heard it's pretty common

Friend: But you're homeschooled

Y'know, I was feeling sad after my crush told me that she liked me as a brother,

But then I realized that she was from Alabama.

Yesterday my crush told me that I was like a brother to her I was sad at first then I remember

She was from Alabama

If you were crushed by a piano...

Would you B-flat?

When I was young I remember me and my crush behind the school bins.

Fortunately I didn't get caught disposing of her body.

A deaf person has a crush on me

She's giving all the right signs

Why did God create women?

Because hopes and dreams cannot crush themselves.

I just told my crush how I felt and apparently she feels the same.

With her hands

I wrote down my bucket list on a piece of paper, and my crush decided to use it to roll up her joint.

She is now high on the list of things I want to do before I die.

I wanted to impress my crush, so i told her about my millionaire dad

now she is my mom

I had this horrible nightmare last night!

It was just horrifying, I was on a boat in a lake, when suddenly my boat tipped over! As I fell into the lake I realized it was orange, orange crush infact! Tasted delicious, but after a minute I started sinking, I was going to drown in a lake of orange crush!

That's when I woke up and realized, it was just a fanta-sea

The girl I had a crush on asked me to make an account on tik tok and follow her.

My country banned Tik tok the very next day.

I asked my crush out and got rejected. My friend was shot in a school shooting on the same day

Well on the bright side, atleast I wasnt the only one that got shot down.

My crush finally noticed me

I should have picked a tree with more leaves.

Me and my childhood crush are marrying next year

Hers is in February and mine in July

6 years ago i DMed my facebook crush telling her that I am going to take her out on a date. Today I asked her to marry me.

She said no both times and blocked me

What's the only thing that can ruin your perfect relationship with your crush?

The alarm clock

I told my gf that i had a crush on beyonce!

And she said to me "Whatever floats your boat"

And i said "No that's **Buoyancy**"

Friend: I think I have a crush on the president and the first lady.

Me: You are bi-den?

Dad, are you having a crush on a young popular actress?

Am I what, son?

I hate my job. All I do is crush cans all day. It's just...

...Soda pressing.

My crush told me that I'm pretty.

Well, the whole sentence was "you're pretty annoying", but I focus only on the positive things.

I asked out my crush in school today

Now I gotta look for a new job

I've been single for so long…

My last Crush was an orange soda.

As I crushed the painkillers...

As I crushed the painkillers and poured them into a glass of vodka, I looked at a picture of my wife. "We'll be together soon, my darling..." I said.

"Did you say something?" my wife asked from the next room.

"I'm on the phone to your sister," I said. "Your drink is ready by the way."

If your crush is single...

It is 1v20

If she is taken...

It is 1v1

Work smarter not harder

me trying to impress my crush

I heard you like bad guys only
well, I am everything.

*winks with both eyes*

My crush: I like car chase action scenes.

Me, a fruit stand vendor: I think we're done here.

How did the introverted teenager introduce himself to his crush?

He didn't

my crush is just like a marshmello

because she is soft, white and everyone put their stick inside of her.

Three years ago, I asked my crush out. Last week, I asked her to marry me.

She said no both times.

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