Crusader Jokes

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The Best Crusader Puns

Why do Crusaders need kitchen sinks?

To wash their Saladin.

What did the Catholic crusader do once he was finished with the front of the squire?

He turned the page.

What do you call a low rank crusader (or European idc)?

A euroPEON

Kill me pls

Did you hear about the electric crusader?

They call him Deus Volt.

What do you call a Crusader that smokes weed?

A *High* Templar

How many Crusaders does it take to change a light bulb?

It depends on Deus Voltage

A crusader walks into the bar

The bartender ask the crusader: "What will you take?"

Crusader replied: "I will take Jerusalem!"

What did Mozart yell when he became a crusader?

Amadeus Vult!

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