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Police Shooting

A lady was filling up the gas tank in her car and lit a cigarette to pass the time. After which a piece of ash fell onto her arm and started a fire. As she's flailing about trying to put the fire out, a police cruiser pulls into the station. Instinctively, she starts running towards the officer in an effort to get help. The police officer sees the lady running at him and shoots her, killing her

I guess you shouldn't run towards police officers if you have a firearm

I found $27 in loose change in my girlfriend's PT Cruiser, but she was visibly upset.

She said I cut the resale value in half.

The definition of stupidity is When you have a Land Rover, a Land Cruiser....

But still have a Landlord.....

Cruiser joke, The definition of stupidity is When you have a Land Rover, a Land Cruiser....

Yo mama so fat...

When she wakes up, she says: "Battle Cruiser, operational".

What do Lifeguards and Rick and Morty's Space cruiser have in common?

Keep Summer Safe

What kind of car does an alien drive?

An E.T. Cruiser.

What happened to French Cruiser 5?

It cinq.

Cruiser joke, What happened to French Cruiser 5?

What did Robocop say when he saw Lewis adjusting the settings on the stereo in the cruiser?

"Stay out of treble."

Which would win in a battle?

-- An Imperial Star Cruiser or a Metric Star Cruiser?

Got Pulled Over

Officer pulls over a car with two people inside. Driver is female (25), passenger is male (22). The driver rolls down her window as the officer approaches.

O: Do you know...
M: Thank you officer! She lured me to her car with the promise of candy!
F: What the?!
O: Sir, you're a grown man.
M: What? Don't you like candy?
O: *Blink blink* Have a good night.

And walks back to his cruiser.

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