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Give a dog a bone and you feed him for a day

Teach a dog to bone and you go to jail for animal cruelty

An American patriot with amputated arms decides to replace them.

He obtains a pair of grizzly bear arms from a black market, and attaches them on his own, with the help of a friend.

He is arrested for contribution to animal cruelty and performing medical procedures unlicensed.

When taken to court, he gives a speech defending his right to bear arms.

I'm 100 percent against

animal cruelty. Nothing makes me sadder than when my dog makes fun of me.

Cruelty joke, I'm 100 percent against

Man with a beard a 100 years ago: "Ok, I'll go chop down some trees."

Man with beard today: " I found a great face mask that's gluten and cruelty free."

what's your favorite kind of tea?

cruelty :)

My dad always said that real men have the heart of a lion.

So today I decided that it was finally time to be a real man. I succeeded but I have to go to court for animal cruelty and I received a life time ban from all zoos.

Keep your eyes out for the early signs of a psychopath:

1) Obsession with setting fires
2) Persistent bedwetting past the age of 5
3) Cruelty to animals
4) Pronouncing "GIF" with a soft "G"

Cruelty joke, Keep your eyes out for the early signs of a psychopath:

A paranoid schizophrenic was arrested for killing 17 pigeons in a local park.

He wasn't arrested for murder, or animal cruelty.

His actual charge was for the destruction of government property.

Hippo cruelty

I don't know what to say, the song "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas..." makes me wanna cry hippo cruelty, why only the poor hippo, why? why?

What is the definition of cruelty

Putting a bomb in a wheelchair and telling them to run

What's the epitome of cruelty?

Giving monkey a straight razor and saying it's a banana.

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