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A collection of crude jokes that will have you laughing out loud! From jokes about eggs to figurative language, to rephrases of classic one-liners, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a joke to tell your friends or a clever line to use in conversation, these racially-appropriate crude jokes are sure to fit the bill.

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  1. Racist Jokes Can we please start a thread of just racist jokes? Honestly the jokes here are really lacking we can combat that with crude racism.
  2. I was going to make a joke about an oil refinery... but I didn't want to make a crude joke.
  3. Another crudely translated Persian joke A Persian man asks a Turkish man "who do you like more, your mom or your dad?" to which the Turkish man replies "your mom!"
  4. What do you say when an oil company CEO wakes up to a tweet saying that he's fired? Crude Awakening!
  5. Insult me with your BEST, most offensive , crude insults you can think of! Let's see who can make me cry, and rethink continuing living!
  6. Silly Political/Finance Joke What do Vladimir Putin, Crude Oil, and the Russian Ruble have in common?
    They're all going to be 65 this year.
  7. When I'm drunk, I'm like South Park I'm crude and offends everyone
  8. What did the refined oil say to the oil barrel with bad manners? "Crude!"
Crude joke, What did the refined oil say to the oil barrel with bad manners?

Make fun with this list of one liners, gags and riddles. Each joke is crafted with thought and creativity, delivering punchlines that are unexpected and witty. The humor found in these crude jokes can easily lighten the mood and bring smiles to people's faces. This compilation of crude puns is not just entertaining but also a testament to the art of joke-telling. The jokes in this list are designed to display different humor styles, ensuring that every reader at any age finds something entertaining. Constantly updated, these jokes offer a source of fun that ensures one is always smiling !

Crude One Liners

Which crude dad jokes are funny enough to crack down and make fun with crude?

  1. What did the oil refinery plant say to the offshore drilling platform? Send crudes.
  2. Is it crude to make oil jokes now? Nah, it's oilright.
  3. What did the crude oil say to the gasoline? Wow, you look so refined
  4. I don't really like jokes about unrefined oil They're too crude for my taste
  5. What's crude and beneath most Canadians? America
  6. I feel bad for the man who died from drowning in oil. Such a crude way to die.
  7. What do you call a crude parody of goats? A Satyr
  8. A barrel of oil swore at me. So I told it to stop being crude
  9. What did the American refined oil say to the oil barrels from the Middle East? "Crude!"
  10. What to do with crude oil? Teach it some manners!
  11. What happens to crude people? Crucified.
  12. What do you call crude oil ? Dino-sauce
  13. So Rex Tillerson was fired by a tweet! That must have been a crude awakening for him.
  14. What do you call a country of people who are crass, crude and constantly curse? Vulgaria
  15. Why do fish have such bad manners? It's because of all the crude oil they keep ingesting.

Crude joke, Why do fish have such bad manners?

Silly Crude Jokes for a Good Time with Friends

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A man lost at sea is found on an island 20 years later.

The sailors that find him are surprised to see three large buildings on the island. They ask the man why he built the buildings. "This first building is my house" he says. "I was able to set up a crude aqueduct to create some form of indoor plumbing". The sailors are impressed and ask about the second building. "This second building is my church" he says "I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me". The sailors nod in understanding and ask about the third building. "Oh, that one" the man says. "That's the church I USED to go to".

Crude Dental Work (In Australian)

Man on island, has bad tooth. Needs tooth removed. Friend with an axe is like, I know what to do mate. Uses axe to try to remove tooth but unintentionally knocks out all his teeth. First guy is like, Ouch-aroo mate, that is a 10/10 on the pain scale. Axe guy says, 'Hey man, it was Axe-y Dental'

Crude Oil massage

Barber : shoul I massage ur head ?
Me : ok, which oil will u use ?
Barber : Almond Oil is for 250₹
Me : herbal oil ?
Barber: 150₹
Me: Coconut Oil
Barber : 100₹
Me : anything cheaper than this ?
Barber *to his helper* : chhotu, get that barrel of crude oil

A real cliffhanger....

Did you hear about the scientist who successfully made an exact copy of himself?
Unfortunately it was very foul mouthed and crude, and the scientist grew tired of it, and finally got rid of it by pushing it off a cliff.
He was later arrested for making an obscene clone fall.

Crude joke, What happens to crude people?

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