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Why did Jesus look so ripped during Crucifixion?


If Jesus was real they wouldn't call it the crucifixion...

They would call it crucifact.

Why do crucifixion depictions always portray Jesus as muscular?


Crucifixion joke, Why do crucifixion depictions always portray Jesus as muscular?

Crucifixion of Jesus was not an easy task...

... however Romans nailed it.

What's the difference between a cow and the crucifixion?

You can't milk a cow for two thousand years...

Jesus' crucifixion was a success...

They totally nailed it!

Why did the Romans bring bleach to Jesus's crucifixion?

To prevent cross contamination.

Crucifixion joke, Why did the Romans bring bleach to Jesus's crucifixion?

Why did Jesus's crucifixion save us all ?

Because he nailed it.

>I am so sorry. I will leave now.

The Romans executed tens of thousands by crucifixion, and...

you're just gonna assume the guy on my necklace is Jesus?

Why was Jesus ripped at his crucifixion?

Because he was cross-fit!

fiance: just pretend to be religious for 10 minutes and he'll agree to marry us

me: okay
\[at church\]
priest: it's nice to meet you both
me: \[seeing crucifixion statue on wall\]
jesus what happened to this guy?"

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I tried to make a joke about crucifixion...

...but it landed on it's face....I just couldn't nail it right.

What did the Romans said when they finished the crucifixion?

Nailed it

I've been double crossed

You would think one crucifixion would have been enough.

Took an exam on the crucifixion the other day.

Nailed it.

What do you call Jesus walking to His crucifixion?


Crucifixion joke, What do you call Jesus walking to His crucifixion?

Price of 2x4's : 9$. Price of some nails: 3.50$. Price of a hammer:15$

The world after a Crucifixion: Christless.

Being late to the crucifixion, St. Peter asks: "Gosh, what happened to Jesus?"

"He died four hours since."

I enjoy reenacting the Crucifixion during sex. People call me sacrilegious.

I tell them I'm only religious in the sack.

What was the best thing about Jesus' crucifixion?

Well, the cross was a big plus

Did you hear about the Crucifixion victims?

They're screwed up.

God and Jesus were putting the final touches on his proposed journey down to earth

The only thing remaining was mode of death.

"I've narrowed it down to death by crucifixion or death by killer bees," said God.

Jesus mulled it over. "I think I'd prefer the crucifixion," he said.

And that's why Catholics around the world make the sign of the cross instead of swatting themselves furiously at mass.

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