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What's the difference between a vegetable and a berry?

i can't vegetable my dick so far in your ass whoever could pull it out would be crowned king arthur


A Royal Dentist Joke

Two peasants are having a chat and one says "Why did the king go to the dentist's?"
The other peasant, confused, says "no I don't, please tell me"
The first peasant then hits him with "to get his teeth crowned!"


My life highlight was being crowned the hide and seek champion at my school, until they discovered I was cheating

I peaked early.


Did you hear about the debacle at the USDA's beauty pageant?

They crowned a Miss Steak.


As a Malaysian, I thought that our Prime Minister would be crowned the worst political leader of the century

But it looks like America has finally decided to us their Trump card.


Yo momma's so fat...

She was crowned dairy Queen of the food court.


Manushi Chhillar crowned Miss World 2017

and my search is over for marriage.


Messi won a beauty pageant before

He was crowned Miss Penalty


Why did the queen go to the dentist?

To get her teeth crowned


Did you hear about the recently crowned Miss Wales?

Softest wool I've ever seen.


Who will be crowned Neurosurgeon of the year?

The intracranial pressure is on


Why did the king go to the dentist?

To get his teeth crowned.


What do you call a crowned man in gridlock?

Human trafficking


Isn't it wonderful seeing Prince Charles getting crowned king

At the tender young age of 127


There should be a pageant for minor criminals where it's based solely on their demeanor, not looks.

Whoever wins will be crowned Miss Demeanor 2018.


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