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The Best Crowe Puns

What did Russell Crowe do when a cannibal ate his wife?

Nothing... He was Gladiator.

Russell Crowe showed no remorse after cannibalising his wife.

In fact, he seemed like he was Gladiator.

What did Russell Crowe say when he went down on his girlfriend?

I don't know, but he was Gladiator

What did Russell Crowe say when he found out that his ex-wife was eaten by a cannibal?

I'm gladiator.

Did you hear about the recent celebrity murder?

Sheryl Crow, Russel Crowe, and Cameron Crowe all happened to be in one room. Nobody was injured.

How did Russell Crowe feel after cannibalizing a woman?

He was gladiator.

Russell Crowe was arrested for biting a woman's face off.

When asked about it, he said he was "Glad he ate her".

Did you hear about the attempted murder?

Russel Crowe, Sheryl Crow and John Crow were all in a room together.

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe are walking in a forest...

...and they stumble across a cannibal who has just finished eating a little girl.
Hugh Jackman, upset by what he sees, turns to Russell Crowe and says "Russ, what do you make of this?"
And Russel Crowe says "I'm glad he ate her."

Friend: A cannibal took my wife to see a Russell Crowe movie.

Me: Gladiator?

Friend: No, I really miss her.

Russell Crowe had an affair with Meg Ryan

He's gladiator.

Why is a catheter like Russell Crowe?

They're both stuck up dicks.

Russell Crowe & Sheryl Crow walk into a bar...

Russell Crowe & Sheryl Crow walk into a bar.
The bartender calls 911, "I need to report an attempted murder!"

A terrible cringe-worthy joke that my brother told years ago.

Why didn't Russell Crowe seem upset when his wife was eaten by a bear?

Because he was glad-he-ate-her.

(Obviously this works better as spoken word than it does via text)

Need an ark??

I Russell Crowe a guy.

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