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My last 15 minutes as a 23 y/o!!

It's not my birthday but a scary looking man with a crowbar just broke into my house

A little known fact...

Before the crowbar was invented, most crows drank at home.

A man finds a genie

The genie says " I will grant you three wishes, but whatever you receive, your ex wife will get twice as much"
"That's alright" says the man. "I want 10 Million Dollars" the man says. "Ok, now your ex wife has 20 million". "I want a mansion." "Ok now your ex wife has two mansions."
"What will be your third wish? Think Carefully!" Says the genie.
The man ponders for a while and finally responds. "I want you to take this crowbar, and beat me half to death with it."

A stranger gave me a really old metal box...

He said it was supposed to contain gold coins, but the lock and the hinges were so rusty which made it very hard to open. I tried a hammer and a crowbar, but the box just won't budge.

So, I'm thinking of trying to open this box with a stick of dynamite, as a last resort. I'll update you guys later if it works or not.

How do you separate the men from the boys in the Navy?

With a crowbar.

Military Joke -

I'm a former Army guy and I need some jokes about other branches of the military. So far all I have is:

In the Navy, how do you seperate the men from the boys?
-With a crowbar.

What's the worst thing in a woman?
-A Marine

Before the crowbar was invented

Most crows didn't drink.

Before the crowbar was invented...

Most crows drank at home

A huge guy walks into a bar and approaches a little guy.

The huge guy karate chops the little guy on the back and says "That was a karate chop from Japan."

A little while later the same huge guy chops the little guy on the back again and says "that was a karate chop from China."

The little guy leaves the bar for a little while and when he comes back he whacks the huge guy on the back knocking him to the ground.

"Tell him that was a crowbar from Sears."

A man walks into a bar to find its full of black feathers.

Its a crowbar.

What do you call a pub that's famous for its murders?

A crowbar.

Did you know that before the crowbar was invented

Crows would just drink at home alone

I just discovered that I can play as Jon Snow on This War of Mine...

So far my weapon of choice has been the "crowbar."

What is the polish word for key?


Did you hear about the birds who wanted to go out drinking?

They ended up at the crowbar.

I started a new construction themed drinking establishment called the CrowBar

Surprisingly difficult to open

Game of Thrones

Where do the watchers on the wall go to get drunk?


How do you separate the priests and the choir boys?

With a crowbar

If you kill a crow with a crowbar...

Does it count as murder?

Where do crows go to have fun?

a crowbar!

How do you call a group of crow drinking alcohol ?

A Crowbar

How do you separate a man form a boy in San Francisco?

With a crowbar.

Before the invention of the crowbar..

Crows had to do their drinking at home.

Watching Gordon Ramsay cooking videos

My mind keep telling his name is Gordon Freeman.

Like I can't differentiate a spatula and a crowbar.

Where do crows drink?

At the Crowbar.

Where do crows go to get smashed?

The crowbar.

Why did the chancer buy the crowbar?

Because he had his eyes on the *prize*.

What was the last thought Jesus had before he died?

"Man, I could really use a crowbar right about now."

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