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The Best Crossover Puns

What would you call a Crossover between Wonder Woman and Transformers?

Amazon Prime.

My friend wrote a crossover of Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider

It was good, General Lee speaking.

Finally found out why MTV doesn't do crossover episodes

The FCC had some serious problems with "Pimp my Pregnant 16 Year Old."

Did you hear what they're planning for the next episode of 'Glee'?

It's a 'Walking Dead' crossover.

What do you call a crossover between a dog and a cat?

If you thought it's Cog, it's exactly Dat.

Guy: I'm writing "Transformers": a crossover fanfic where Othello encounters Sauron...

Other guy: "why's it called "Transformers"?"

Guy: Moor then meets The Eye

What do you call the crossover between a pig and a dinosaur?

Jurassic Pork

I heard that there is going to be a Game of Thrones crossover with Westworld. (Spoilers for both shows)

Hodor: Hodor!!!

Arnold: What door?

Did you hear about Disney's new Star Wars/ Highlander crossover?

The tag line is "There can be Obi-Wan."

It's difficult to have Jesus as a basketball referee...

You'll be penalized just for doing a crossover.

Somebody was giving me a synopsis of their crossover fan fic that includes a killer clown, a talking dog, and a flying house and at the end they said

"That about sums it-up"

If X-Men and Legend of Korra had a crossover what kind of bender would Magneto be?

A Fassbender

I made a crossover playlist on Spotify to celebrate July 1st.

It's called Draking Back Sunday

We don't serve time travelers here

Said the bus driver in the most ambitious crossover event in repost history

You know that crossover,between those two great horror film...

Did you saw it ?

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