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  1. My spinster aunt thinks that statue of Jesus on the crucifix in only a loincloth is too revealing, so she has started covering them in appropriate clothing. ...aparently, she's a cross-dresser now.
  2. I was going to make a game where you play a death-defying, cross-dressing little person. But I see you guys hate micro trans action.
  3. My girlfriend asked me to try crossdressing. I told her I'd really rather not. 
    She snapped back at me "Can't you just this once put yourself in my shoes?"
  4. Why do aerospace Engineers prefer going to the gym instead of cross-dressing? They want to prioritize Lift over Drag
  5. A crossdresser, a vegan and an athiest walk into a bar I only know because it's reposted every week
  6. Why can't the Muslim crossdresser feed his family? He lost hijab.
  7. What do you call a guy who only wears a loincloth and a crown of thorns? A cross-dresser
  8. My wife caught me cross-dressing... ...and said we're finished.
    So I packed her clothes & left.
  9. Why can't cross-dressers and Slavs stay on beat? They're always Russian or Dragging
  10. I opened a store that sells waistcoats and spandex for cross-dressers. I call it trans vest tights .

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Crossdressing joke, I opened a store that sells waistcoats and spandex for cross-dressers.

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Crossdressing One Liners

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  1. The wife caught me cross-dressing So I packed her things and left
  2. My wife got mad at me for crossdressing so I packed her clothes and left.
  3. Why did the crossdresser love Christmas? He could eat drink and be Mary
  4. What do transgenders put on their salad? Crossdressing
  5. Why did the girl dump the crossdresser? He only wanted to get into her pants.
  6. I hung a t-shirt on a crucifix I guess that makes me a cross-dresser
  7. Dad, what is a cross-dresser? Ask your mother, he knows.
  8. My girlfriend complained that I was crossdressing So I packed her clothes and left
  9. What do you call an overweight crossdresser? Trans fat.
  10. How did the cross-dresser rob the bank? By making a Trans-action
  11. How do you call a cross-dressing father of two? Transparent
  12. What would a cross-dressing psychologist wear? A Freudian slip
  13. What do you call a dinosaur who likes crossdressing? Try Sarah's Tops
  14. My ex-wife accused me of being a crossdresser... So I packed her things and left
  15. My girlfriend caught me cross-dressing So I packed up her clothes and left

Crossdressing joke, My girlfriend caught me cross-dressing

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Yesterday I dressed up as a woman to further understand the struggles women deal with every day.

Apparently, women are often called a cross-dressing w**... .

Crossdressing joke, How do you call a cross-dressing father of two?

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