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  1. Have you ever noticed that Jesus on the cross always looks great, with amazing abs? He was the original cross-fit.
  2. An atheist, a vegan, and a cross fit enthusiast walk into a bar. And everyone knows because he won't shut up about it.
  3. Just tried to kill a roach with axe body spray... his name is Brett and he won't shut up about cross-fit.
  4. The origin of CrossFit can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome. Take Jesus for example, he fit nicely on that cross.
  5. Do you do any sports? - Yes, I do CrossFit
    - CrossFit? what's CrossFit?
    - I cross my fingers and hope the clothes fit
  6. Jesus must have had a chiseled, muscular body... I mean, he did cross fit, for God's sake. And the Bible tells us he was cut, ripped, and shredded.
  7. How did Jesus get in such good shape to always have a six-pack in his paintings? Cross-fit
  8. Why was Jesus ripped at his crucifixion? Because he was cross-fit!
  9. Mi amigo Jesus is a great work out partner but... He just won't shut up about how he invented *Cross-Fit*
  10. What is Jesus's favorite workout? Cross fit

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  1. How did Jesus maintain his killer abs? Cross Fit
  2. What was Jesus Christ's least favorite form of exercise? Cross fit.
  3. What kind of workouts did Jesus do? Cross-fit
  4. How did Jesus keep his form? He did cross-fit.
  5. How did Jesus get six pack abs? Cross Fit
  6. Why Do Women Love Jesus? He was well hung and super into cross fitting!
  7. How did Jesus get those sweet biblical abs? Cross fit
  8. Why was Jesus in such good shape when he died? He was Cross-Fit.
  9. What is Jesus's favourite way to exercise? Cross fit!
  10. What is The Pope's favorite workout program? Cross-fit
  11. How did Jesus get his beach bod for the summer? Cross fit
  12. Why was Jesus so fit? He was cross training.
  13. When Jesus Christ was crucified his cross was custom made It fit him to a t
  14. Why is Jesus always shown with a six pack of abs? Because hes Cross fit.
    Happy easter!
  15. What's jesus favourite sport? Cross fit

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Q: Why did the bodybuilder cross the road?
A: He didn't. There's no walking on leg day.

Several hundred years ago...

Several hundred years ago, two rival villages would meet annually to compete in a religious ceremony. Both villages would send forth their strongest, fastest male to compete against the other - which involved climbing up a cliff to claim a cross-shaped stone. Legend had it that the cross, a symbol of luck and fertility, would bring good fortune on whichever village owned it.
The day came, and each village met at the cliff.
"Our representative, Tom Smith, is young and fit, and will surely bring us the symbol." claimed the first mayor.
"No, our fighter, Tom Jameson, is faster and stronger! The symbol is ours!"
The race began. Both men scrambled up the cliff side at an equal pace, eventually reaching the top at the same time. Both grabbed the cross simultaneously, each trying to wrestle it from the other.
"The symbol is ours!" cried Tom Smith.
"No! The symbol belongs to our village!" shouted Tom Jameson.
Both edged closer and closer to the cliff face, and in one violent motion, both Tom's and the symbol fell over the edge, smashing into the rocks below.

How did jesus get so fit?

He did lots of cross fit

Why does Christ always look so ripped?

Cross fit

Where did Christ get his ripped abs?

Cross fit

Why does Christ keep talking about his ripped abs?

Cross fit

A vegan, an atheist and a person who does cross fit walk into a bar...

And within 5 seconds I know all of this because they won't stop telling everyone.

Have you seen Jesus's abs?!!

He must be doing that Cross-Fit workout!

Why was Jesus the father of exercise?

Because he was cross fit

The long haul

an airplane is shipping a large amount of bricks, when suddenly the pilot yells over the intercom "the plane is going down we need to lower the weight" what do you do?
*throw out one brick*
how do you fit an elephant in a freezer?
*open the door, let him in, shut the door.*
how do you fit a giraffe in a freezer?
*open the door, take out the elephant, let the giraffe in, shut the door.*
the king of the jungle is holding a party and all the animals show up except one, who is it?
*the giraffe*
a woman is trying to cross a deadly river filled with deadly crocodiles, but survives. how?
*all the crocodiles are at the party.*
but then she suddenly dies. why?
*she got hit by the brick......*

My cross fit application was was rejected

Bad form

Why did Jesus go to the gym?

To make sure his cross fit.

You say alcoholism...

I say liver cross fit!

What is Jesus' favorite exercise regimen?


What do you call a cross-fit h**... j**...?

Active shooter

If you meet someone who's a vegan, who also does cross fit...

Which do they talk about first?

Why did Jesus and his apostles had perfect body??

Cross fit

Did you hear about the cross fit guy doing keto?

Of course you fricking did.

My wife and Jesus have a lot in common.

They both cross fit.

Why is Jesus so fit?

Because he ran cross-country

An atheist, vegan, and cross fit athlete walk into a bar.

We know this because they all loudly announced it within the first 30 seconds.

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