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Two bananas were digging a hole

Suddenly one of them said: "I'm quiting, my back is becoming crooked.''

What do you call it when a t**... develops a crooked back?


Three doctors are sitting on a park bench when a man limps past...

The first doctor sees him and says, I've been a podiatrist for 10 years, and I bet $1000 that man has bone spurs.
No way! says the chiropractor, I've had my practice for 20 years and that is a clear-cut spinal issue. Can't you see how crooked his back is?
Nope, says the orthopedic surgeon. I've had more training than both of you combined and I'm certain that this man has hip damage.
The doctor's arguing grew so loud that the man overheard them. Well gentlemen, he said, All four of us were wrong.
I thought it was a f**...!

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My German friend told me this joke back in college (only makes sense if you're in Germany when you tell it).
>"Why did the Russian thief steal *two* cars?"
>"Because he had to drive back through Poland!"
(the racial stereotype being that Germans consider both Russians and Polish to be notorious crooks)
Anyways if you have some kind of racial / cultural joke that might be unfamiliar to english speakers, let's hear it! (and explain it for us if necessary)

A Rabbi Joke

"Rabbi Schomburg, I need 200 dollars badly for a down payment", said Cohen. "I keep praying to God for help but he doesn't send any!" "The important thing is not to lose faith", the rabbi said. "Just keep praying." After Cohen left, the rabbi felt sorry for him. He decided to give him 100 dollars out of his own pocket. The next time he saw Cohen the rabbi gave him the money and said, "Here, God sent this to you!"
Back home Cohen was grateful. "Thank you Lord," he said. "But next time can you not send it thru Rabbi Schomburg? That crook kept half of it!"

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