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What do you call your mother's angry French sister?

Your croissant


A Frenchman, A Mexican, And an American are sitting in a train car together

The Mexican is eating a taco, Stops, And throws it out the window;The Frenchman asks, "Why did you do that?" The Mexican responds, "We have so many in my country, I just wanted to." So the Frenchman takes a croissant and throws it out the window, Saying, "We have too many of these." He then turns to the American and asks, "What do you have too many of in your country?" The American then throws the Mexican out the window.


I just put my hair in a bun.

It wasn't very nice, I think I'll try it with a croissant next time.


I went to the zoo and saw a croissant in a cage.

It was bread in captivity.


My mother's sister is an angry baker

She's my croissant


Plane Trip

A plane is crashing, carrying a Mexican, A Frenchman, and an American, and the pilots need to lighten up the load. So they ask the passengers to toss unimportant items out of the aircraft. The frenchman picks up a croissant and says "we have to many of these in our country, " and throws it out the window. the Mexican picks up a Burrito and says " we have to many of these in our country," and throws it out the window. The American picks up the Mexican and says "Here, we have to many of these in our country," and throws him out the window.


How did the baker put his opponent in checkmate?

with an en croissant


What is the most delicious number in French? Cent? Deux cent? Trois cent?

C'est croissant!


You can tell a lot about a country by what they eat for breakfast, like the French croissant

they are both flaky and a little bit gay


I pissed off my mom's sister when I threw something from a French bakery at her

It was a croissant


Why did the comedian say he preferred his hamburger on a croissant roll?

"Because," he said, "the bun is the lowest form of pastry."


What do you call an angry pastry?

A croissant


How did the chicken get from the Zoo to the Bakery?

Using the Zebra Croissant.


What do you call French macaroni?

Sbaguete and croissant


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