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Victoria's Secret has launched a revolutionary new bra, "Croatia" has lot's of support but no cup

If Croatia loses tomorrow, all of England will hope to beat their biggest rival on Sunday:

Liver damage

A Frenchman bumps into a English gentleman on a street

"Good day to you sir, what are you up to." says the Englishman.
The Frenchman says "nothing much....what are you doing."

"Oh we are playing Croatia today" answers the Englishman.

"Ah what a coincidence. We are playing them on Sunday you see" replies the Frenchman.

Croatia joke, A Frenchman bumps into a English gentleman on a street

Just heard that Victoria's Secret has a new bra called "Croatia".

It has lot of support, but no Cup.

My mate has two tickets for the England vs Croatia game on Wednesday

He didn't realise that it's going to be on the same day as his wedding, so he can't go. If you're interested and want to go instead of him, it's at St. Andrew's Church in Cambridge and her name is Sarah

What do you call a blonde in a BMW?

Optional. (My manager from Croatia told me this during a shift)

Sometimes you eat a crow,

Some other times, Croatia

Croatia joke, Sometimes you eat a crow,

Where do the Asian crows live?

In Croatia.

Why are Croatians constantly scratching?

Because they've all got an ic.

An Englishman and Frenchman are chatting in a bar.

Englishman says "We're playing Croatia tonight."

The Frenchman responds "What a coincidence, we're playing them Sunday."

Why is Bosnia so dirty?

Because Croatia won't let them swim.

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What do you call it when an Englishman decides to place a 1 pound wager on Croatia to win?

Quid pro Cro

Telegram from Putin to Kolinda (president of Croatia)


Croatian generals are the best snipers

They only need one shot.

What's the worst possible city to visit with yout newlywed spouse during your honeymoon?

Split, Croatia

Who is the one player Croatia desperately need?


Croatia joke, Who is the one player Croatia desperately need?

Team Croatia is like a bunch of mosquito bites on your back

Ic's all over that can't be scratched.

Modric for president of Croatia. He can run the country.

Croatian fans are...

Russian all over to see their team win.

I think Russia will beat Croatia today.

Don't Cro @ me

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