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Have you guys heard about the new restaurant on the moon?

Early critics say the food is good, but there's no atmosphere.

Critics say Botox is too expensive...

...but I spoke to fifty people who just paid for the treatment, and none of them looked surprised.

Movies are too violent

A lot of Critics have been saying that movies now days are way too violent.
To test this theory I took a nine year old boy to go see Gladiator, and he cried the whole movie.

Now it may be because he didn't know who I was.

Did you hear that Apple is coming out with YET ANOTHER new iPhone model?

Critics are calling it the iPhone Xs.


A movie about janitors impressed critics.

Later that year the movie swept the Oscars.

Maglev train hits 310mph in Japan.

Critics say it has barely left the ground.

To silence her critics who hail her as Satan, Hillary is set to launch a new post-apocalyptical video game after winning the election!

It's called President Evil.

When Beethoven started composing music, people said he wouldn't amount to anything because he was deaf

Fortunately, he didn't listen to the critics

Scientists say they may be able to synthesize a completely clean biofuel using the enzymes in finely shredded fungi, such as mushrooms...

Some critics have questioned the ethics of the process, but admit they are comforted by the researchers' strong Morel fibre.

What do you call two life-long best friends that also happen to be food critics?

Taste buds.

A government run initiative to restore the male geese population is getting a lot of media attention...

Critics are referring to it as proper gander.

A Clock wrote a book

Critics say its about time

Don't let the naysayers get you down, even the inventor of toilet paper had his critics...

"this is tearable" they said at first.

The new film coming out about a kid with cerebral palsy isn't doing well with critics . . . . .

It gets off to a shaky start then ends up falling flat on it's face

I tried to teach my illiterate nymphomanic girlfriend the alphabet.

But she only wanted the D.

I'm testing this joke here before i try it on my critics of mates.

A bar which does hip replacement operations recently opened near to me,

Critics are saying its the new hip place to be.

What did the critics say about Stallone's superhero movie?

It was DREDDful.

Critics are comparing Aquaman to Black Panther

At first glance, the movies do appear similar. They both feature ancient sci-fi utopias hidden from the rest of the world. In each movie, theres a fight for the throne in order to stop a war. However, they are ignoring one major difference: the characters in Aquaman can swim.

I was pretty offended when I auditioned for American idol and was told by the critics don't quit your day job

But I guess the joke was on them - I'm unemployed.

Once I performed a stage show that was nothing but puns.

The critics panned it as merely being a "play on words".

Minecraft releases a new movie

Critics say its a block buster!

I don't agree with all the critics towards priests nowadays.

They are actually the only ones who slow down with their car when near a school.

I hosted a debate between "Safe Space" advocates and critics

The safe space advocates didn't show up and called for my resignation.

Have you seen the new karate opera?

Critics are calling it sensei-tional.

Sony have released a new camcorder

It was panned by the critics

Floyd Mayweather was asked about remarks made by critics on last night's fight.

He said "I don't tend to read into things"

Why did some film critics hate the movie about Alexander Fleming, the inventor of Penicillin?

They were anti-biopics.

Some food critics eat and run

Anthony Bourdain hung around.

The circus reviews are in

The critics are saying that it is in tents

A notoriously bad stage actor died recently.

The vehicle carrying his casket broke down on the way to the funeral, allowing his critics, for one last time, to state that he needed to rehearse.

The new movie was not well received by the critics

Apparently, there was too much panning

What do literature critics always praise about the Shawshank Redemption?

The prose and the cons

Did you hear about the movie with the lion walking in its cage.

Critics are saying the pacing is terrible.

Beethoven used to take critics personally

But eventually he learned to not listen to them

Why are Vietnamese restaurants afraid of food critics?


A Native American just published a novel

Critics consider it a Seminole work.

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