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Cristiano Ronaldo Went to the barbershop for a new haircut.

He went home to his girlfriend and asked, "Well what do you think?". She took a couple of minutes looking his new hair cut over and replied "Well... at least it's not Messi".

Until this crisis is over im going to stick to masturbation just before 8pm on Thursday evenings

The neighbourhood applauding me as I finish is just the confident booster I need

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo's room always clean?

Because he's not Messi.

Cris joke, Why is Cristiano Ronaldo's room always clean?

Criss Angel arrested for murder...

His lawyer asks "When and where did the murder take place?"

Detective "Around midnight at the MGM."

Lawyer "Well my client is definitely innocent then."

Detective "How's that?"

Lawyer "He was at The Bellagio then, he would have to be some kind of magician to be in two places at once."

You can't have CRISIS...

Without ISIS.

I'll leave now.

And as he continued to walk, he noticed during the hardest parts of his life

there was only one set of footprints in the sand. He asked Jesus, why, and Jesus said...
"Those are Cris Cristie's...he kicked everyone else off the beach."

A crisp was walking down a road

A truck driver drives past and asks if they want a lift
The crisp responds "No thanks, we're Walkers!"

Cris joke, A crisp was walking down a road

'Ukraine's crisis has been caused by the west.' - Putin

Crisis averted?

Over the weekend I was sat next to a person eating a bowlful of those really fat pasta tubes in a tomato sauce. As I watched, one got nearer to the edge of the bowl but I couldn't mention it because the person was deep in conversation. I agonised for a few seconds wondering how I could stop a mess landing in the person's lap, but I couldn't think of anything. Yet, it was just then that the penne dropped.

Cristiano ronaldo was accused of rape

This time it wasn't on the soccer field

Two crisps walking down the road..

..A car pulls up and says "You need a lift"

Crisps: No we're Walkers

Car: You sure?

Crisps: We're salted!

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Two crisps were walking down the road

A man pulled over and asked them if they wanted a lift.
They said "No thanks, we're walkers".

Lays are called Walkers in the UK

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