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The Best Cripple Puns

Which sith lord prefers to cripple his opponents rather than kill them?

Darth Ritis

What has 2 legs but can not walk?

A cripple.

I saw some crippled kid getting picked on the other day...

He got kinda upset with me when I told him to stand up for himself.

Why do crippled kids get picked on so much?

Because they can't stand up for themselves.

Why did the crippled kid get bullied at school?

Because he can't stand up for himself.

What do you call a trio of disabled people?

Cripple threat...

Why are crippled people always picked on?

Because they can't stand up for themselves

I really don't see the point...

... of making fun of blind people...
Also I just can't stand cripple jokes...

So 3, 4, and 5 fell down a flight of stairs...

Now they're a Pythagorean cripple.

What do you call three disabled people fighting?

Cripple threat match

A crippled man walks into a bar

It was a miracle

What has four wheels and flies?

A homeless cripple

What do you call a cripple in a zombie apocalypse?

Meals On Wheels!

Yesterday i ran over three disabled children

Cripple kill

How are a Cripple and a man with erectile dysfunction similar

They both walk with a limp

What did the crippled orphan baby get on Christmas?


FDR hates cripple humor

He can't stand it

Two friends and a cripple are waiting for a train.

Someone bumps into the cripple and his wheelchair starts moving. He falls between the platforms and can't get back up. Then he hears the train coming.

One of the friends tries to jump in and save him, but the other friend grabs him and says, "You're not supposed to go past the yellow line".

You can call a diabetic a cripple because

they're candicapped

Why do Cripples dates always go well?

They can't get stood up.

why does the crippled kid keep getting bullied

he cant stand up for himself

Who do you call when your wheelchair gets a flat?

Cripple A.

What did the crippled protein say to the other protein?

I just got out of the ER man, it was pretty rough.

What's a crippled perons favourite band?

Limp Bizkit

What do you call a nun in a wheelchair?

A cripple.

What happens when you cripple a gay person?

You turn a fruit into a vegetable.

What do you call a gay cripple?


Why can't the crippled guy hike across Endor?

Because Ewoks funny

If crippled people can't walk, why don't they just run?

That's all

My crippled friend said he wanted hot wheels for his birthday

So I lit his wheelchair on fire

I used to know a crippled guy who had a serious hatred for the National Anthem...

Just couldn't stand for it.

What do you call a gang member with a broken leg?

A cripple

What oil (lube) do you put on a cripple?

Vegetable Oil

A cripple walks into a bar.

Just kidding, no he doesn't.

imagine being the fastest sperm to win the race and then being born as a cripple

What's the definition of adding insult to injury?

Hey cripple, nice tie!

What do you say to a crippled girl marrying her brother?

Roll Bride

What do you call a hard working cripple

A stand-down guy

How do crippled crabs get around?

On crotches.

Why are cripples always made fun of?

because they can't stand up for themselves!

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