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The Best Cring Puns

I cringe when teens brag about taking girls to pound town

because adopting a puppy together is a huge responsibility.

[Cringe] Why did the farmer bandage the goat?

Because it was "bleat"ing...

The most cringey pickup line ever

Are you french because Eiffel for you.

Cringey star wars joke

Just thought of a cringey star wars joke while being unable to sleep

Q- What was Hans Solo's response to Princess Leia when she asked where he had been all her life?

A- In Alderaan places

Cringe Incoming

What do you call a smart cylinder?

A graduated cylinder 😜

Cringiest Dad Joke: What do you call a woman standing under a building?


Cringe takes over the World

When Iphone X's Face ID fails infront of millions of people...

[Cringe Alert] Why are Trees never invited to a formal dinner ?

They only wear Trunks.

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