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  1. How do you know if the camera you just bought was made in Asia? If the shutter makes a "crick" noise.
  2. Dr joke walks into the doctor's:
    * man: have you got anything for a "cricking hip joint" ?
    * doc: here's two tickets to "Ronnie Scott's!" [old London jazz club] (#s)
  3. How did Watson and crick blow their chance with a hot girl? They said, "baby you'd look good if you got a pair of skinny genes"

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Crick joke, How did Watson and crick blow their chance with a hot girl?

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  1. What did Watson and Crick study to find DNA? Rosalind Franklin's notes.
  2. My brother bought 1000 Japanese cameras. They all go, "Crick".
  3. What sound does a Japanese camera make? "Crick"

Crick joke, What sound does a Japanese camera make?

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if you have 1 cricket ball in 1 hand and another cricket ball in the other, what do you have?

1 very large cricket

A cricket is in love with a mantis

but he's terrified, because he keeps hearing that a mantis will eat the male after s**.... Nevertheless, one night the cricket gets really drunk and propositions the mantis. The two have amazing s**... all night long, but in the morning the cricket comes to his senses and starts eyeing the mantis warily.
"What's wrong?" asks the mantis.
"Well, I don't want to make this weird, but are you going to try to eat me?"
"Oh, don't worry, only the females do that."

A cricketer walks into a hospital

with blood pouring out of his eyes, the doctor says "Ebola" and the cricketer replies "Nah, i'm a batsman"

If I have a cricket ball in my left hand and a cricket ball in my right hand

I then have the undivided attention of a very large cricket.

The cricketer was proud of his progress as a batsman and invited his mother-in-law along to watch him play, hoping to impress her.

At the crease, he turned to the wicketkeeper and said "I'm anxious to do well and really hit this ball. That's my wife's mother over there." "Don't be silly," said the wicketkeeper. "You'll never hit her at 200 hundred yards."

I've been trying to think of a name for my Cricket shop.

But I'm stumped.

Why did the cricket team need cigarette lighters?

Because they lost all of their matches!

Why are cricket bowlers good with women?

Every now and then, they bowl a maiden over

My buddy's cricket joke

What do women and cricket have in common?
When the pads come out it's time to bat

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