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  1. Long John Silver just donated us one of his crew members. Thanks for the stranger kind silver!
  2. Levar Burton cannot replace Mayim Bialik as the host of the show... Because Captain Picard would never willingly put a member of his crew in Jeopardy.
  3. Most of the staff at the cemetery quit recently I heard they've had to run the place with a skeleton crew.
  4. Pirate Ship Captain: Can someone tell me how to write the number 2 in Roman numerals? Crew: I I captain.
  5. The Titanic was recently visited by a diving crew with a robot submarine. What they found out was completely amazing. Even after 100 years of being sunk, all the pools are still full.
  6. Breaking News: A ship carrying red paint just collided with a ship carrying purple paint, in the South China Sea. Authorities report that the crews of both ships are marooned
  7. Why didn't NASA name apollo rocket with letters? Because if Apollo F crashed with all it's crew, they would have to make an Apollo G.
  8. I was playing an updated version of Oregon Trail voiced by Terry Crews. I made the comment that he wasn't a good voice actor, and the game abruptly ended. Apparently, I died of dissin' Terry.
  9. Breaking News - in Hong Kong, a ship carrying red paint collided with a ship carrying purple paint CNN reports that both crews are marooned
  10. I just figured out why airlines are having staffing issues. The whole crew keeps taking off!
Crews joke, I just figured out why airlines are having staffing issues.

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  1. What do you call your GPS if it has the voice of Terry Crews? Crews Control.
  2. When do Pirates acquire their crew? During mating season
  3. Why couldn't the robot pirate acknowledge his crew? He was waiting on an aye patch.
  4. What did the crew do when Blackbeard died? Switched on the auto-pirate.
  5. I want to start a towing company. I'll name it Jaques Crew Tow.
  6. My local paving crew seems to have disappeared. I have no idea when they will resurface.
  7. What do you call a team of orthopedic surgeons? A skeleton crew.
  8. Did you hear about the band "the moving crew"? The house was packed
  9. Ambulance crews are great at quizzes They're first responders
  10. What do you call a group that keeps getting bigger? A crew.
  11. How to get the attention of a crew of bricklayers... Yell "Eh, Tony!"
  12. A red ship and a blue ship collided in the middle of the sea The crew was marooned.
  13. Why did the crew abandon the chili pepper boat? It was capsaicin. ^(Don't hurt me.)
  14. What's the name of Squidward's crew when he's chilling with his homies? Squadward.
  15. What did it cost to join the pirates crew. An arm and a leg

Crews joke, What did it cost to join the pirates crew.

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A ship carrying red paint collided with another that was carrying purple paint

Both crews were marooned

Top 5 highest Paid Black Actors

1. Terry Crews $800,000,000
2. Bill Cosby $400,000,000
3. Will Smith $350,000,000
4. Robert Downey Jr $300,000,000
5. Denzel Washington $280,000,000

A ship carrying red paint and a ship carrying blue paint collide in the middle of the ocean......

Both crews were marooned

A boat carrying Red paint collided with a boat carrying Violet paint

Their crews were marooned.

BREAKING NEWS: A small, four-seater Cessna has crashed into the Smithville cemetery...

Emergency crews have recovered 236 bodies so far, with more expected as rescue efforts continue into tomorrow.

Did you hear about the red ship and the blue ship that collided?

Both crews were marooned.

Did you hear about the man who was found dead shortly after insulting one Mr. T Crews?

He died of dissin' Terry.

We should clone Terry Crews and arm his horde of clones to wage war on our enemies

He could form the basis for a new milli-Terry

There's a new exhibit planned in the next few days at the museum of revolutionary leaders said a press release

There are many leaders being honoured, from Pancho Villa to Simon Bolivar. To get the exhibit ready in record time, dedicated crews have been assigned to each figure, and they're all going to work double shifts, day and night.Well... almost all, there is one exception, you can only make Che when the sun shines.

Crews joke, There's a new exhibit planned in the next few days at the museum of revolutionary leaders said a pre

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