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I dropped my toothpaste!

...Tom exclaimed, crestfallen.

My toothpaste fell off of my brush and right onto the floor before I got to brush

I was Crestfallen

How did the man feel when he dropped his tube of toothpaste?


How do Tommy feel when his toothpaste landed on the floor?


Slipped on a tube of toothpaste this morning.

I was crestfallen.

"I dropped my toothpaste"...

...he said, crestfallen.

A Muslim s**... bomber walks into a crowd of infidels and blows himself up.

He is immediately transported to Paradise, where he finds himself surrounded by seventy-two of the ugliest women anyone has ever laid eyes upon. The s**... bomber is crestfallen.
"C'mon, think it through," Allah pats him sympathetically on the shoulder. "Why do you think they're still virgins?"

After seeing all of his tubes of toothpaste lying strewn on the floor of his office, the dentist was full of emotion.

He was truly Crestfallen.

I asked my wife why all the jigsaw pieces were the same colour...

I was pretty crestfallen to learn it was a box of cornflakes.

Crestfallen joke, I asked my wife why all the jigsaw pieces were the same colour...

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Crestfallen joke, I asked my wife why all the jigsaw pieces were the same colour...

Crestfallen joke, I asked my wife why all the jigsaw pieces were the same colour...

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