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  1. My Kids Got p**... at Me for Cooking pancake this Morning Seems he was their favorite rabbit
  2. I went to a haunted bed and breakfast in France. I left. The place was giving me the crepes.
  3. I feel awful. I just tried to make pancakes for my kids but they were way too flat. They shouldn't have to put up with this crepe.
  4. TIL you can make a gyro by folding a crepe in half instead of pita bread. But you don't have to do it this way. Because not all gyros wear crepes
  5. I was gonna go to this French restaurant… but French people give me the crepes.
  6. What do you say in a haunted French bakery? This place gives me the crepes.
  7. I totally forgot that yesterday was pancake day again. It really creped up on me this year.
  8. It's pancake day?! Well that creped up on us.
  9. French pastries are scary They give me the crepes.
  10. It's Pancake Tuesday already... Really creped up on me.

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Crepe joke, It's Pancake Tuesday already...

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Crepe One Liners

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  1. I hate French people They give me the crepes
  2. My mom always makes the pancakes too thin I shouldn't have to put up with this crepe.
  3. Wanna know why I don't like pancake makers ? Because they give me the crepes
  4. What do you call an eerie French pastry chef? A crepe.
  5. What do pancakes do when they are scared? They crepe themselves ;D
  6. I went to a haunted bakery yesterday That place really gave me the crepes
  7. What did the pancake say to the French cook? you're creping me out
  8. What did the woman say after her pancakes got flat? Oh crepe
  9. Why am I scared of french pastry chefs? They give me the crepes.
  10. French pastry bakers are scary. They give me the crepes.
  11. I once ate at a haunted French restaurant. The place gave me the crepes.
  12. A french pastry was stalking me this morning I felt really creped out
  13. So its pancake Tuesday today That surely crepe'd up on us
  14. Batman bought a French restaurant "The Creped Crusader"
  15. I'm scared of french pancakes They give me the crepes

Crepe joke, I'm scared of french pancakes

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3 men were stranded on a desert, then a genie appeared and gave them each 2 wishes.

The French man told the genie For my first wish, I'd like a huge crepe. He ate it then wished to go back home.
The Mexican man told the genie For my first wish, I'd like a huge Quesadilla. He ate it then wished to go back home.
The American man told the genie For my first wish, I'd like a huge pizza. He ate it then wished for another one.

What is the most popular Nirvana song in France?

Crepe me

Two pancakes were talking. One said to the other, waggling his eyebrows suggestively, "hello."

The other said "ugh, get away from me, you crepe."

What did the newly paroled French prisoner name his restaurant?

Attempted Crepe

Why was the French chef sent to prison?

He was convicted of crepe.

What'd the Parisian chef say when he messed up his Pancakes?

"Aww Crepe."

Today is Pancake Tuesday

Crepe Diem!

What did the priest think while choking on a pancake?

Holy Crepe!

What's the difference between French people and their breakfasts?

One's creepy and the other is a crepe.

I don't think I'll pass my dress-designing class

The teacher said my designs were all crepe.

Crepe joke, I don't think I'll pass my dress-designing class

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