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Best Short Creepy Jokes

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  1. If I'm reading their lips correctly, my neighbors are arguing about some creepy guy next door.
  2. I used to love building sandcastles with my grandma But my parent's eventually found it creepy and glued the urn shut
  3. A guy and a girl are walking through the woods when the girl says, boy, these woods sure are creepy!! The guy replies.. tell me about it, I gotta walk out of here alone!
  4. Given infinite time, a million monkeys with a million typewriters will eventually become a very creepy room filled with an equal count of typewriters and monkey skeletons
  5. I walked into a Victoria's Secret a man and came out a knight. From this day forward I shall be known as Sir- please leave you're being creepy.
  6. I find it creepy when my wife gives me those sad puppy dog eyes It makes me wonder what she did the rest of the dog.
  7. If I'm good at lip reading correctly... Then my neighbours are calling the police about some creepy guy staring at them through the window next door.
  8. I was seeing this h**... about twice a week. But last week she saw me and closes her blinds now.
  9. There are two types of people that I hate the most. One, there are racists;
    the other, there are creepy, disgusting blue-skinned elves who are the enemy to the humankind.
  10. My gf said she was being spyed on by a creepy guy she dont know I've started choosing better hiding spots.

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Creepy joke, My gf said she was being spyed on by a creepy guy she dont know

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Creepy One Liners

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  1. There's iPod, iMac, iPhone... and Apple watch, because iWatch sounds way too creepy.
  2. They were going to make an iWatch for kids but iWatch Kids sounds a bit creepy.
  3. Why did the creepy hipster get arrested? because he was following people before instagram
  4. What do you call a creepy Computer Science teacher? A PDF file
  5. If Bill Cosby is America's dad... Does that make him Canada's creepy uncle?
  6. My dog has a creepy obsession with trees All he ever does is talk about their skin
  7. Why are forests so creepy? Because the trees are all shady.
  8. Why is Six afraid of Seven? Because Seven is a super creepy movie.
  9. How do creepy songwriters get paid? Per verse
  10. Why was the haunted mansion self conscious? Because it got a lot of creepy stairs.
  11. What do you call spooky Italian music? Creepy pasta.
  12. Geraldine went on a blind date with a really creepy guy It was intimiDating
  13. I'm watching my neighbor through the blinds, he's so creepy.
  14. You know what's scary? That creepy psycho killer behind you
  15. We all have the creepy friend If your group doesn't seem to have one, its you

Creepy Clown Jokes

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  • If you ever see a creepy clown... Go for the juggler
  • Why are we seeing the creepy clowns all over the country? Being in many states and seen on all types of media is how they run for president.

Creepy Uncle Jokes

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  • My creepy uncle constantly watches me, and he keeps telling me what I can and can't do. His name is Sam.
  • My moms' creepy uncle's ashes were spread across the beach because that's what he wanted... So all the hot girls would lay on him...
  • Did you hear about the Transformers creepy uncle? Gropetemis Prime.

Creepy Halloween Jokes

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  • So it's perfectly acceptable to dress up as a s**... cat on Halloween... ...but do it any other time of the year and suddenly you're that creepy guy at church?
Creepy joke, So it's perfectly acceptable to dress up as a s**... cat on Halloween...

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What do you call a p**... with no legs?

A creepy crawly!

A child predator and a little boy

Are walking in the woods
The child mutters "wow mister these woods are REALLY creepy!"
The predator looks at the child and says "you think they're creepy now, **i** gotta walk out of here alone!"

A woman is walking through the woods at night with a serial killer.

She says to her companion, "Man, this forest is really creepy at night. I wish we weren't out here."
He replies, "You think you have it bad? I have to walk home alone!"

Two men in a park.

A creepy guy walks up to another man in a park.
Creepy guy leans close to the man and whispers "do you have any n**... photos of your wife?"
The man angrily says "certainly not".
Creepy guy says "would you like to buy some?"

An old man and a young girl are walking through the dark, scary woods...

An old man and a young girl are walking through the dark, scary woods.
The girl looks up and says "I don't like this. It's creepy, cold and I'm scared!!"
The man replies, "How do you think I feel!! I've got to walk back alone!!"

How can you spot a Jewish Pedofile?

He's the guy in the creepy van rolling up to kids and asking "Hey kids, you want to buy some candy?"

What do you call a disabled p**...?

A creepy crawler

Double standards are not fair!

When miley cirus gets n**... and licks hammers its beautiful and artistic, but when I do it its weird, creepy and I get a life time ban from Ikea.

I have such bad luck getting a girl to come over...

I watched the video from "The Ring" and the creepy chick called seven days later and said something came up and she couldn't make it.

Variants for running.

Variants for running:-
1. Hot girl in front of you.
2. Creepy guy behind you.
(If 1 applies to you, you're probably 2)

A little boy and a clown are walking in the deep, dark, woods.

The little boy says, "Mister, I'm scared! These woods are really creepy." The clown replies, "How do you think I feel? I have to walk back all by myself."


Ordinarily, staring is creepy. But if you spread your attention across many individuals, then it's just people watching.

Father and young son walking deep into the woods at night carrying a lantern and a shovel

Son says "Dad it's creepy out here, I'm scared"
Father replies "You're scared? I'm the one who has to walk back alone!"

What is it about tall creepy louisiana swamp dwellers that makes them naturally glow?

Their bayou loomin' essence

If you play a Coldplay song backwards, you'll hear a lot of creepy, Satanic chanting in Latin

But if you play a coldplay song the normal way, you'll hear something much worse. A Coldplay song.

One time, the parents went out to dinner.

The sitter called and asked if she could cover the creepy clown statue in the kid's room.
The dad said: "Get out of the house. Call the police. We don't have a clown statue!"
By the time police arrived the scene, they found they did have a clown statue and the dad had alzheimer's.

I was stalked for hours by a creepy dude who kept following me everywhere and drawing pictures of me

He was really sketching me out.

So apparently i was knighted at Victoria's Secret today. . . . .

Thus I shall henceforth be known as, Sir Will You Please Leave You're Being Creepy.

I was talking to my creepy coworker

I told him "I like my women like I like my coffee, strong and sweet." He said "Hmm. I like mine like I like my salad." "Well dressed?" I asked him.
"No. Chopped."

What do you call a creepy old guy who hangs out at malls, and has s**... with under age teens?

In Alabama, your Honor, but soon it will be "Senator".

What do witches eat?

Creepy pasta

What do creepy men and spiders have in common?

They both have sticky hands after being on the web for awhile.

Haunted castle

A young American tourist went on a guided tour of a creepy old castle in England. "How did you enjoy it?" The guide asked when it was over.
"It was great," the tourist replied, "but I was afraid I was going to see a ghost in some of those dark passageways."
"No need to worry," said the guide "I've never seen a ghost in all the time I've been here."
"How long is that?" the tourist asked.
"Oh, about 300 years."

what do you call a creepy therapist ?

the r**...

I worked in one of those creepy ice cream vans over memorial day weekend, and I must say, they really do work. I raked in the Benjamins.

Also got a couple Jacobs and Timothys as well.

A father and his son were walking into a dark forest at night...

...and the son looks up to his dad and says, "Dad, this forest is creepy and I am scared."
The dad scoffs and replies, "Well, you think you're scared now? I'm the one who has to walk out of here alone."

I told my girlfriend to stop pretending to be 13 because it's creepy and pointless

She'll be thirteen next month anyways


Because "almost underage" sounds a bit creepy.

Ted Bundy was out one day having a lovely stroll with a lady friend.

They were walking through a gorgeous, secluded forest. After walking a while the sun was setting and it began to get dark.
The young lady turned to Ted and said, 'It's starting to look creepy here, I'm scared'.
Ted looked at her astonished and replied 'You're scared? How do you think I feel, I have to walk back out of here alone'.

Dance like no one's watching!

Just be careful of the creepy guy in the corner with the video camera who hasn't moved all night who wants the make you famous on YouTube.

I left a present for my crush today, and she had me arrested!

When her cat does it, it's adorable, but apparently it's "creepy" when I leave a dead bird on her doorstep.

Resurrecting my laptop from sleep mode.

Are you gonna turn on for me?
Also me: Dude that's creepy.

Want to know another creepy coincidence?

Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, and Winnie the Pooh all share the same middle name. Stay safe, my friends!

Xi's like the creepy stalker ex to every Chinese.

When you make comments on him, cross your fingers not to be found.

I was driving with my dad when we passed a cemetery. My dad goes in a low, dark, creepy voice, "I know something about this cemetery that you don't. And I was like what is it? He continued, "The people living in this town can't be buried here. I was really confused so I asked why?

He rasped, "Cuz they're still alive!"

I was driving with my dad when we passed a cemetery. My dad goes in a low, dark, creepy voice "do you know haw many people are buried in that cemetery?" I was like nooo?

He rasped, "All of them!"

A dark turn

Two criminals are taking a walk deep in the woods one dark night.
Boy, it sure is creepy out here, says the first outlaw.
How do you think I feel? asks his companion. I have to walk back alone.  

Nine years ago I asked the girl of my dreams on a first date.

Today I finally asked her to marry me. She said no you creepy w**... , both times.

I've been training my dog to alert me when he smells people who follow a creepy pseudo-religious leader who makes them believe that their salvation lies in giving him money.

It's sniffacult work.

I like creepypasta.

My favorite flavor is Fettuccine Afraido.

Elsa was complaining to her friend about a boy from their class.

He's pretty creepy. He knows so many dirty songs! , she said.
And he sings them around you? , her friend asked.
No, but he whistles them.

A father and his son are walking deep in the woods at night with a lantern and a shovel.

The son says, "Dad, it's creepy out here, I'm scared".
The father replies, "You're scared? I'm the one who has to walk back alone!"

Creepy joke, A father and his son are walking deep in the woods at night with a lantern and a shovel.

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