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The Best Creed Puns

Why can't you have sex after playing Assassin's Creed?

Because Ubisoft

Whats the worst thing about the new Assassin's Creed movie?

You have to sign in to U-play to watch it.

I'm not saying...

Putin is humiliating Obama, but the last time a Russian treated an African America like this, Apollo creed died.

Somebody asked me about my thoughts on Assassin's Creed III...

I told him that it's a pretty revolutionary game.

I just saw the Assassins Creed Movie Trailer...

I did not expect The Spanish Inquisition.

Ivan Drago didn't seem to care too much when he found out Apollo Creed uses just for men...

He simply responded with "If he dyes, he dyes."

Creed front-man Chris Stapp is broke and living in a Holiday Inn...

Look on the bright side Chris, this is proof there is a god!

Saw Creed II the other day

I say it's a mostly solid movie. But it's was a bit rocky in some parts more than others

America is a lot like Creed

Pretty decent band but our frontman is a jackass

What do you call 2 donkeys boxing

Assassins creed

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