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Why did the creepy hipster get arrested?

because he was following people before instagram

What is the creepiest letter of the alphabet?

V. Because no matter where you are, any time of any day, no matter what you do, V always follows U.

What's a creepers favorite kind of shoes?

White vans

Cree joke, What's a creepers favorite kind of shoes?

Want to know another creepy coincidence?

Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, and Winnie the Pooh all share the same middle name. Stay safe, my friends!

Why did the creeper cross the road?

To get to the other ssssssssssssssside

What do creepy men and spiders have in common?

They both have sticky hands after being on the web for awhile.

How do creepy songwriters get paid?

Per verse

Cree joke, How do creepy songwriters get paid?

Creepin 'round town

Like priests in a playground

How to creep out a mortician

How to creep out a mortician.

1. Go in to pre-plan your funeral.

2. Tell him, "I want my remains scattered over the sunflower fields of Fayetteville."

3. He says, "We can do that. The cost for cremation is..."

4. Say, "Cremation? Who said anything about cremation?"

5. Mortician creep-out ensues.

Xi's like the creepy stalker ex to every Chinese.

When you make comments on him, cross your fingers not to be found.

My creepy uncle constantly watches me, and he keeps telling me what I can and can't do.

His name is Sam.

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We all have the creepy friend

If your group doesn't seem to have one, its you

If you ever see a creepy clown...

Go for the juggler

What's the creepiest body of water?

Lake Eerie.

Note: This joke has probably been made before.

My moms' creepy uncle's ashes were spread across the beach because that's what he wanted...

So all the hot girls would lay on him...

Saw Creed II the other day

I say it's a mostly solid movie. But it's was a bit rocky in some parts more than others

Cree joke, Saw Creed II the other day

What does a creepy pokemon do while you're in the shower?


Why are we seeing the creepy clowns all over the country?

Being in many states and seen on all types of media is how they run for president.

Creed front-man Chris Stapp is broke and living in a Holiday Inn...

Look on the bright side Chris, this is proof there is a god!

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