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  1. What's the most common operation in a lego hospital? Plastic surgery.
    [Credits: My 11yo son invented this joke]
  2. Alexander Graham Bell is always given a huge amount of praise for inventing the first telephone The credit should really go to whomever invented the SECOND telephone.
  3. TIL The brothers credited for inventing the airplane had Chinese parents... Turns out two Wongs can make a Wright.
  4. Who invented first point and click interface? Smith and wesson.
    Credits to an amazing profesor.
  5. I'm the guy who invented the sandal for people with only one leg. It was a flop.
    Credit to 'flaggon' from sikipedia
  6. TIL: The first credit card was actually invented in during the s**... trade. It was called a Master Card.

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  1. It is I who invented the term, "plagiarism". However, Al Gore got credit for it.
  2. Ancient China should be credited for inventing toilet paper. The inventor was Wai Ping.
  3. I invented Taking credit for others work.

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The kind of joke that should have been invented by a six year old, but instead by me, a thirtysomething: What kind of f**... grows on a cow?

a mooooshroom
(I don't know if I can actually claim credit as an inventor of this joke, but I've never heard it anywhere)

An old Greek man and an old Italian man are arguing.

The Greek man says "Look, all I'm saying is that the Greeks invented everything the Romans get credit for!"
The Italian says "Yes, may be, but the Romans improved it and made it useful!"
The Greek man says "We invented the Democracy!"
The Italian says "We realized the challenge of direct elections and the benefit of the legislature, and thus created the Republic!"
The Greek man says "Yes, but we created beautiful architecture like the Parthenon!"
The Italian says "And we improved your building techniques, and used them to create aqueducts and structures that stood for centuries longer!"
The Greek man, frustrated, finally says "Ah, of course. But the Greeks, we INVENTED s**...!"
The Italian man says "That may be true, but we introduced it to women."

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