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  1. I scored a 175 on an IQ test with just 3 simple questions 1. My credit card number
    2. My social security number
    3. Uploading a scan of my birth certificate
  2. I just scored a 180 on an IQ test answering three simple questions ! 1. My credit card number
    2. My social security number
    3. Uploading a scan of my birth certificate
  3. I don't understand why my credit score is so low. Every time collectors call, they say my payments have been outstanding.
  4. I just scored a 170 on an online IQ test and only had to answer three simple questions 1. ⁠My credit card number
    2. ⁠My social security number
    . ⁠Uploading a signed copy of my birth certificate
  5. The type of girls I date are just like my credit score... Every time I pull out my credit card, they both go down on me.
  6. My Journey from $60k College Debt to $115k Net Worth & 816 Credit Score. And all thanks to this community! I started stand up and got beat up. Settlement has been a blessing!
  7. An accountant joke "dont mess with me, ill drop your credit score so low you wont be able to get a loan from a library"
    -The amazing world of gumball
  8. What's the problem with your credit score? If my credit score equaled (my family's combined IQ + the money I currently have in my bank account), I still wouldn't get approved for a car loan.

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  1. Why God's credit score is so low? Because only Jesus saves
  2. What kind of Doctor has the worst credit score? Proctologists, they're always in Arrears.
  3. Everyone wishes their credit score was like their payments. Outstanding.
  4. Want to know how to avoid identity theft? Have a 350 credit score
  5. If gentrification is so uncool... Why does it raise my streets credit score?
  6. Not an Ostragoth Pun What do you call a Goth who has a great credit score?
    A Visa-Goth!

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The gynecologist decided she wanted to change careers.

So she applied to an auto mechanic school. After completing all the coursework, she took her final exam. After the exam, the professor was handing out the test results. When she got hers, she was thoroughly confused.
"Professor, it says here that I got 150% on my test. There must have been some kind of mistake. There wasn't any extra credit."
"No, that score is correct." said the professor, "The first 50%, that was for taking the motor apart. The second 50% was for putting it back together correctly. The extra 50% I gave because you did it all through the tailpipe."

A frog went to the bank to take out a mortgage.

He sat down with Patty Mack the banker, and began the negotiations.
His credit score wasn't bad, but when it came to the subject of collateral, he was a little unsure. Collectables and other odds and ends were all he had to offer.
Patty was not convinced. No car? No property? Little credit? "Times are rough..." she started to say, when her manager stepped up to her desk, and asked what the problem was.
She handed him his paperwork, and after a few minutes browsing, the manager raised an eyebrow and lowered his glasses.
"He has knick-knacks, Patty Mack, give the frog a loan."

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