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The creator of Mad Libs died this week.

His friends described him as a warm and pulpy man who loved his wife and pelicans. He will be deeply pooped.

The creator of winrar is arrested

His trial is expected to last forever

The creator of WinRAR was arrested and put on trial

The trial was supposed to last 40 days, but it keeps on going

The creator of sexual innuendos just passed away

His wife is taking it really hard

When the creator of USB drive will die, they'll lower his coffin into the ground..

..take it out, flip it over and lower again.

The creator of predictive text died today

His funfair is next monkey

What does a mermaid wear to a Maths class ?

An algaebra.

Note: Not my original. I had read this somewhere a few years ago. Kudos to the original creator.

The creator of the very first knock knock joke..

Must have won a no-bell prize

The creator of the USB flash drive died today.

He was lowered into his coffin, flipped over, and then lowered again.

The creator of autocorrect passed away

Restaurant in peace

What do you call a satisfied video editor?

Content creator.

Did you hear the creator of spaghetti died?

He pasta way

What's the name of Tyler The Creator's dad?

The Tyler Creator

When they buried the creator of Tetris...

The whole cemetery disappeared

Larry La Prise, the creator of the hokey pokey died this week....

Every thing went well with the funeral except putting the body in the casket

They put the left leg in....

And then the trouble started

TIL the creator of the Hokey Pokey died last week.

Planning his funeral went fine until it was time to put him in the casket. They put his left foot in and that's when the trouble started.

TIL the creator of Corn Pops also invented Cocoa Puffs, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, and Apple Jacks

His tombstone just says "cereal entrepreneur"

Did you hear about the creator of Arm & Hammer?

He used to be armed and hammered, but he really cleaned up his act.

Breaking news: Creator of adobe flash player just died.

More updates coming soon.

A Man and God met at bar.

Both exclaimed, *My creator*!

The creator of auto-correct died recently

May he restraunt in peice

The creator of the USB stick died..

Thanks for the memory

Mr. and Mrs. Einstein had two kids.

Albert: Genius.

Frank: Monster creator.

If we really live in a simulation, then the creator must hate tropical areas a lot.

Because there is too much bugs

The creator of Arby's was a pirate.

He was walking one day thinking of a name for his new restaurant, until he got stung by a bee and shouted "Argh-bees!"

Did you hear the joke about the death of the creator of Mad Libs?

I never thought ________ would happen during _______

So the creator of Pac Man died today...

I guess he's the ghost now.

The creator of throat lozvenges died and i went to his funeral

no coffin there

The creator of the game of life died yesterday due to COVID-19...

Leaving behind a 1cm blue car and four beautiful plastic children.

Did you know that Germany was the original creator of the Amazing Race?

They tried to introduce it back in 1933. But the show caust too much.

What does the creator of flex tape like to run in?

He runs in flex shoes because they make him go Phil Swift.

What did the creator of the film, The Room, ask after someone told him the movie was really bad?


The creator of hokey pokey died yesterday...

They had a hard time burying her, though. Every time they put her left leg in the coffin, she took it right back out.

The creator of T9 just died ...

Rest in piece.

Did you hear about the conspiracy involving the creator of the Windows OS and his front entrance to his property?

It's being called Gates' GateGate

Robot-Hitler was arrested for killing his creator today.

He was charged with battery.

The creator of CCleaner has been caught with charges of money laundering.

He claims he was just cleaning out his cache.

You hear about the creator of null

He didn't exist

The creator of petrol cars was interviewed.

All he said was Madagascar, no one knew why.

What would cause the primary model to fail?

If the creator were to forget to rig it!

What is South Park's creator, Matt Stone, favorite drink?

An ice cold KilKenny

The creator of the Hokey Kokey died last week...

The funeral was a nightmare... when putting him in the coffin, they put his left leg in...
And that's when the trouble started.

How did the sea creator become president?

He was eelected

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