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  1. The creative writing students all shifted a little uneasy as they realized they had clearly picked the wrong professor
  2. I held a creative writing seminar at a women's prison last month How did it go? Well, it had its prose and cons.
  3. Being left handed I was always told I was more creative but all I noticed was that I smudge the words when writing with pencil. I guess it's a blessing and a cursive
  4. Why is a creative writing workshop the first step when training to become a firefighter? Prose before Hose
  5. After being shown around, the prison warden was asked for his opinion on the prisoners' new creative writing class. ..."It has its prose & cons"
  6. Dear alma mater, please don't send wealth management workshop invites to those of us who majored in creative writing.

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  1. Just finished my online course on creative writing. The feeling in undiscribable.

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A university creative writing class was asked to write a concise essay containing these four elements: religion, royalty, s**... and mystery.

The prize-winning essay read, "My God," said the Queen, "I'm pregnant. I wonder whose it is?"

I'm trying a different writing process in which I write out a bunch of ideas in small rough drafts, then I choose to work further on the one I think works best.

My parents are going to be impressed when they see how creative and error free my s**... letter is.

A creative writing teacher is having a conference with one of his students about his last piece and the grade he gave the student.

The student asked "Why did you give me an F?" The teacher responds "Have you ever heard that if you place a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters an infinite amount of time, they'll eventually write the works of Shakespeare?" He holds up the paper and says "3 monkeys, 10 minutes."

Help creating a biology joke to end my exam .

So, I'm sitting here, needing to write one more essay question for the exam I am giving shortly and have decided that I don't want it to be a serious question. It's only worth a couple of points and I don't mind giving students a couple of freebies. Exam is covering Mitosis/Meiosis/Mendelian genetics... Unfortunately I am not the creative type.
What I want to do is have some sort of riddle, just to see what types of answers students come up with..... Laughing makes grading exams much more enjoyable.
Any good ideas?

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