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  1. No evidence is good enough for a Creationist... But no evidence is good enough for a Creationist.
  2. It's never worth getting into an argument about creationist Adam & Eve versus evolution You're just comparing apples and origins
  3. A Creationist and Atheist Debate Creationist: If man evolved from apes, why are there still apes?
    Atheist: If Adam came from dirt, why is there still dirt?
  4. Guys, I'm not saying that Flat Earthers, Anti-Vaxxers, and Creationists are unintelligent people but... there is a reason why shoes with Velcro straps come in adult size.
  5. Why can't creationists ever get girls in rock bands? They aren't very good at carbon dating.
  6. How many Creationists does it take to change a light bulb? None - they've invented torches.
  7. What did the creationist student say when asked why he didn't have his homework on natural selection? My dogma ate it.
  8. A creationist puts his glases on and says: "Evolution can't be real, just look at the human eye!! It's too perfect to be just chance!"
  9. Why don't creationists change lightbulbd? They prefer to remain in the dark when it comes to anything scientificly proven to work.
  10. Why did the relationship between the creationist and Organic molecule not last ? Because the creationist did not believe in carbon dating.

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  1. Dragon Ball fans are like creationists If you talk about Evolution, they get mad.
  2. Creationist have often made me question evolution But probably not in the way they think
  3. What do nerds and Creationists have in common? They're offended by The Big Bang Theory.
  4. What is a creationist's favorite button in pokemon? B to cancel evolution
  5. Why do creationists prefer FIFA to PES? Because PES is Pro Evolution Soccer.
  6. What do creationists and neutron stars have in common? Density
  7. How many Creationists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? God.
  8. What do you call a female Irish creationist? A McRib!
    I'll see myself out.
  9. Yo mama is so old, creationists deny her existence.
  10. How do you explain atheism to a creationist? Call it daddy issues.

Creationist joke, How do you explain atheism to a creationist?

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A creationist told me that evolution must be wrong because it violates the second law of thermodynamics

His claim was that in order for simple organisms like bacteria to evolve into much more complex life like fish and mice and horses and gorillas and people, an enormous input of energy would be required, therefore it must be impossible.
I stayed up all night trying to think of something that would refute his claim, and then it dawned on me.

Creationist joke, What did the creationist student say when asked why he didn't have his homework on natural selection

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