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The creator of Mad Libs died this week.

His friends described him as a warm and pulpy man who loved his wife and pelicans. He will be deeply pooped.

Creating a joke is one thing. But delivering it is another.

I think my mother did a commendable job in that regard.

*Creating password*


ERROR: [Password two week]

^Edited ^for ^better ^understanding

The creator of winrar is arrested

His trial is expected to last forever

McDonald's tried to create a beef version of the McRib, but failed.

Hopefully, they learned from their McSteaks.

The creator of WinRAR was arrested and put on trial

The trial was supposed to last 40 days, but it keeps on going

The creator of sexual innuendos just passed away

His wife is taking it really hard

Creating a new password

Enter password


Re-enter password


Your passwords are not alike

When the creator of USB drive will die, they'll lower his coffin into the ground..

..take it out, flip it over and lower again.

The creator of predictive text died today

His funfair is next monkey

I created an Erectile Dysfunction support group once,

But it flopped,
Nobody came



Password must contain no names, be complex and have over 50 characters.


Password accepted.

I created a new word today.


The creator of the very first knock knock joke..

Must have won a no-bell prize

LG created a new proprietary Bluetooth technology and protestors are now rallying against the the IEEE 802.15.1 Bluetooth standard

Manufacturers have quickly adopted to LG's new protocol, as they are afraid of not supporting the LGBT.

The creator of the USB flash drive died today.

He was lowered into his coffin, flipped over, and then lowered again.

At the Creation of Women

God: Adam, it would cost you but would you like me to make you a woman?

Adam: Yes. But what is a woman My Lord?

God: A woman is a wonderful creature that would obey ALL your commands and fufil ALL your desires

Adam: What would it cost me?

God: Only an arm and a leg

Adam: Uh, what can I get for a rib?

What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, three legs at noon and two in the evening?

A cat in a minefield.

*Creating password*


Error: [Password two week]

I've created a writing software to rival Microsoft.

It's their Word against mine.

I created a fetish exercise program, but I don't know how to end it.

We are still working out the kinks.

The creator of autocorrect passed away

Restaurant in peace

How do you create a hipster?

Give a homeless guy an iPhone.

I created a new word.

I call it, "Plaigiarism"

I created a wormhole, but it doesn't work.

Now it's just something to a-void.

Who created the first diswasher?

God, and her name was Eve.

Without anyone's help, I created mints that each weigh 1/16 of a pound...

I make my own announcemints now.

I want to create a cook book that can raise the dead

I'll call it the Necronomnomicon

A Creationist and Atheist Debate

Creationist: If man evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Atheist: If Adam came from dirt, why is there still dirt?

I'm going to create a dating Website for people with incurable STD's to find each other.

It will be named 2 Herpes in a Pod

The one who created the memes font really changed the world.

I mean, he really made an Impact.

I think I've created a great dad joke:

I was conceived in a bakery.

You can say I was born and bread there.

We were all created by a big bang

Or according to most Mom's a quick somewhat disappointing one

I created a presentation on my computer but didn't use password protection...

Now it has visual aids.

I just created a memory loss pill!

At least, I think I did...

If i create a Java class public Class Woman{}

Am I objectifying women?

I've created a simple and cheap period tracker

There it is -> .

I want to create a Disney channel sitcom about an irreverent Chinese kid...

and name it "That's so Wong!"

I tried to create an organization for dads to protest drunk driving

But it was just a FADD.

Creationist have often made me question evolution

But probably not in the way they think

I want to create a convention for Irish folks who suffer with leprosy.

I'll call it Leper-Con.

Half price admission for the wee folk.

A creature is born of a lion mother and an eagle father. How does he get into Hogwart's?

The Gryffindor

I just created a web site for English girls who got a sunburn at the nude beach.

It's called Redtit.

I am creating a video game about a bear and bird that hire a prostitute and then don't pay her.

I'm calling it "Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts"

I've created a new type of bubble but I don't know how to describe it.

It's indescribubble.

I'm going to create a Mexican supremacist group called the ???

The ¿que que que?

I want to create a VR girl/boyfriend simulator for those alone on Valentines Day...

I shall call it, E-Bae

Where are all of the creative Calculus jokes?

All these new ones are so derivative...

Creating a bad password...

It's as easy as 123.

Create new password: Tomato

Confirm new password: Tomato

Passwords don't match.

While creating husbands, God promised....

While creating husbands, God promised women that good and ideal husbands would be found in all corners of the world...............then He made the earth round, and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Why can't creationists ever get girls in rock bands?

They aren't very good at carbon dating.

I'm creating a new dating app for chefs!

It's called Tender! Swipe right to keep cooking or swipe left to leave raw

How do we create jobs?

I thought he was already dead

I created a support group for people like myself who suffer from short term memory loss...

... I think

Which creature has the best sense of hearing on earth?

a boy while masturbating.

Creation of humans

Friend: How were humans created?

Me: It all started with the big bang, and some other bangs

I created an online website selling land mines disguised as prayer mats...

Prophets went through the roof

Note: repost, thanks to the kind user who corrected me

I created my own delivery company!

But now I'm not sure what to do with all the disembodied livers

I created an MS word file and named it "ME"

Now, I hope God will save ME.

I want to create a machine that would smash two boners together at nearly the speed of light.

I'll call it the Large Hard-on Collider

How many Creationists does it take to change a light bulb?

None - they've invented torches.

What do creationists and neutron stars have in common?


What did the creationist student say when asked why he didn't have his homework on natural selection?

My dogma ate it.

I created a website for unfinished t's, i's, and j's.

I created an online website selling prayer mats disguised as land mines...

Prophets are going through the roof

How Do You Create Artificial Intelligence?

Dye a blonde's hair.

What do a creationist and a dude with a dinosaur bone fetish have in common?

They both get a hard on when they find a gap in the fossil record.

The creator of auto-correct died recently

May he restraunt in peice

Why is a creative writing workshop the first step when training to become a firefighter?

Prose before Hose

Why do creationists prefer FIFA to PES?

Because PES is Pro Evolution Soccer.

What is created when you rub two oranges together?

Pulp Friction

A creationist puts his glases on and says:

"Evolution can't be real, just look at the human eye!! It's too perfect to be just chance!"

I created a robot that serves me pumpkin spice lattes...

Naturally, I coded in BASIC

I tried to create a business that makes talking candles

It didn't make any dollars or scents.

I'm going to create a political institution based on eliminating vaccines. I'll call it...

The Donner Party

The creator of the USB stick died..

Thanks for the memory

Create a Story Using One Word!

Anyone can participate and IT HAS TO MAKE SENSE! Good luck! :)

Someone should create a programming lànguage called 'March'...

...just so we could have IDEs for it.

Do you know who created fractions?

I think it was Henry the 1/8.

Why don't creationists change lightbulbd?

They prefer to remain in the dark when it comes to anything scientificly proven to work.

Who created the world wide web?

The galaxy wide spider!

The creator of throat lozvenges died and i went to his funeral

no coffin there

So the creator of Pac Man died today...

I guess he's the ghost now.

I want to create an app called ShamWow...

I want to create an app called ShamWow, it tells you if certain online products are a Sham or a Wow that's a deal.

The creator of Arby's was a pirate.

He was walking one day thinking of a name for his new restaurant, until he got stung by a bee and shouted "Argh-bees!"

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