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Coffee Joke [OC]

So the coffee asked the creamer, "Are you outraged by our working conditions too, or do you support management?"

The creamer replied, "I'm half and half."

^^^I'm ^^^Sorry.

Why doesn't Santa use reindeer milk in his coffee?

He prefers non-deery creamer.

So an Australian walks ito a cafe and orders coffe

The barista says want any creamer

The Australian replies Just coffee, mate

An Australian man sits down in an American diner

And orders a cup of coffee. The waiter comes back and hands the man his drink. He takes a drink and calls the waiter back.

Is something the matter? Says the waiter.

Yes, said the man. I ordered a coffee, but I got a cup of hazelnut creamer.

I'm sorry for the mix up sir, but you did specifically order a cup of hazelnut coffeemate.

What kind of creamer does Thanos put in his coffee?

Half and Half

A cup of coffee enters a room

and it goes where's the creamer haha lol

A cup of coffee walks into a bar

and then it asks where's the creamer haha lol


is always creamer on the udder side.

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