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  1. Did you hear about the party thief? I mean I've seen some crazy people at parties, but this guy definitely takes the cake.
  2. Apparently people are getting paid now to mention products in their social media posts That's as crazy as the discounts at Dave's furniture Emporium.
  3. I heard people are getting paid to mention companies and do product placement in their Reddit posts! That's almost as crazy as the discounts at Jez's Furniture Emporium. Sale this weekend
  4. Easter this year is April Fools Day Just remember that so you don't fall for any crazy stories like people coming back from the dead.
  5. People sometimes ask me if I'm crazy... But the voices in my head always tell me to say no.
  6. People say I'm crazy, but I regularly see my therapist... It's a shame that she died years ago.
  7. Did you know people are getting paid to mention products in their Facebook statuses? That's as crazy as the discounts at Dave's Furniture Emporium…
  8. They say calling people crazy is like being racist now. All those people I bit at the mall ought to be ashamed of themselves.
  9. Studies have shown that half of the people in this country are slowly going crazy. The rest of us are doing it quicker.
  10. I heard a crazy train engineer in Mexico killed a bunch of people last week. Yeah. He had a loco motive.

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  1. People say horse girls are crazy… …but I've always found them rather stable.
  2. Some people say I am crazy Lucky for me, only I can hear them
  3. How do crazy people go through the forest? They take the pyschopath
  4. How did the crazy people find their way out of the woods? They followed the psycho path.
  5. How do crazy people get across the woods? They use the psycho-paths
  6. How do crazy people walk through the woods? They take the psychopath.
  7. I'm tired of people ripping on calculus all the time. It derives me crazy.
  8. How do really crazy people get through the forest? Via the psycho path.
  9. Q: Where do crazy people travel through the forest?
    A: The psycho path.
  10. What do you call the crazy people who always hang out with musicians? Bass players
  11. What do you call a bike trail for crazy people? A cycle path
  12. My friend told me he lost 87 pounds and he's really mad about it. British people be crazy
  13. What do you call trails where crazy people walk? Psychopaths
  14. How do you repair a relationship between two mentally ill people? Crazy Glue...
  15. When crazy people go walking, They can take the psychopath or the sociopath.

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A crazy man jumps from the bushes and opens his coat in front of an old lady to surprise and terrify her.
The granny takes a look at him and sais: "oh, dash, I´ve forgotten to buy the eggs."

A man died knowing he made a positive difference in the world.

Oh course, when he was just setting out people considered him crazy for wanting to s**... atoms of their electrons and send the electrons to space.

A Brazilian people killed.

One day a man is sitting next to a blond woman who is reading the newspaper.
She is visibly upset while reading a particular article. He can't help but look over and see what she's reading. He sees the headline
"s**... b**... kill two Brazilian men on bus".
He understands why she is upset now, so he strikes up a conversation with her.
She confesses "I have seen these before, but this is getting crazy. I mean, two Brazilian men killed? How many is in a Brazilian again?"

That half man, half horse...

Did you hear about the half man, half horse causing a ruckus downtown last night? He was k**... over trash cans, yelling at people, just going crazy. The cops finally showed up, calmed him down, and asked "Why are you doing this?" Apparently he wanted to be the centaur of attention.

May I have a piece of gum?

Two gay guys are in a large passenger plane flying across the Pacific. In the middle of the flight, one turns and tells his partner: "Let's have s**.... Right here and now." His partner says: "Are you crazy? In front of all these people?" The first gay guy says: "Don't worry. They're all asleep. Here, see for yourself." He leans out into the aisle and yells: "Excuse me, can anybody let me have a piece of gum?" There's no answer or any kind of interest. His partner is convinced and they have s**... right then and there.
The plane lands and as the passengers are disembarking there is a stewardess by the exit asking everyone if they had a good flight. One man says, "The flight was fine but I have a horrible headache". The stewardess says: "Oh you poor thing, why didn't you ask for some aspirin?" And the man says: "Are you kidding? I saw what happened to that poor guy who asked for a piece of gum."

From the AnnCoulter AMA...

Dogs are better than people and I can prove it: Put your ex and your dog in the trunk of your car and drive around like crazy for an hour. Open the trunk. Who's happy to see you?

Has anyone here heard of the Mexican train conductor who went crazy and ran over a bunch of people?

He had locomotives!

Hey Guys! Wouldn't it be crazy if friday the 13th was on Halloween!

I tricked too many people with that...

People say I'm crazy because I don't enjoy spooning girls

I much prefer knifing them.

Where do people send crazy cigarettes?

To the menthol institution

People thought I was crazy when I said I was going to cure blindness.

But they'll see. They'll all see!

What road do crazy people take?

The Pyscho**path**

I dont respect people who give no effort to make room on crowded subway trains...

... and yet I think the people who yell at them are crazy.

Friend took me along to see some pole dancing the other day

Those people are crazy. I could never learn the mazurka or the krakowiak.

How do crazy people make it through a forest?

They take the psycho-path.

Someone once told me "What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right, think about how crazy people thought Noah was."

So I set aside my reservations and had s**... with my daughters

What path do crazy people take in the park?

the psychopath.

Letter to a madman

Inside a hospice, a madman approaches the others with a blank paper, examining it with attention. The other crazy people can not resist curiosity and ask:
_ What is it?
The crazy one with the letter, responds
_ A letter from my brother
Even for the other crazy people, that was too absurd.
_ But the letter is blank.
The madman responds serenely
_ We do not talk anymore

why are gay people crazy?

they can't think straight

After the war the people of Yugoslavia gathered around Titos grave and begged for him to come back he answered,

"I am not crazy"

Did you hear about the Spanish train driver who went crazy and killed a bunch of people?

They say he had a locomotive.

You can't call people crazy

Because we all came from nuts

You know how they say that people can drive you crazy?

My wife is my chauffeur.

I don't know who this Tas is but people are crazy over him..

I mean, they built the whole state of Tasmania.

Two crazy people are by the pool in an asylum...

One of them falls in, the other quickly jumps in and saves him.
The doctor later meets the saviour and says "we've assessed your situation and believe you're qualified to leave the asylum based on your rational deeds. However I regret to inform you that the man you saved hung himself in the same night".
The man smiles and confidently says "oh he didn't, I hung him to dry him up!"

This is ridiculous. It's July 6th and people are still setting off fireworks.

One almost caught our christmas decoration on fire.

My friend constantly over-reacts to people's little quirks

And that drives me bat-s**... crazy!

Some people say I'm crazy for watering down life

I say I'm just dilutional

My grandfather was an old nautical engineer who tried to warn everyone on the Titanic that they were doomed

First he yelled at the passengers while they boarded...he was ignored
Then he yelled at the Captain and the First Mate...he was ignored
Then as he continued to yell his warnings; people began to tell him to be quiet and that he was crazy
Eventually, after all his yelling; Security came and escorted him out of the movie theater

Dog Chasing People On A Bike

My dog used to chase people on a bike like crazy. It was so bad, I had to take his bike away.


If this 'A' gets to the front page, I'll delete this text and it'll make people go crazy wondering how an A got to the front page.
Post mysterious comments like So true! And don't talk about how it's an inside joke.

Everyone I see looks like an almond!

Most people think I'm crazy...
But I think they're nuts!

I think taking the train is for crazy people.

Its a loco motion.

People say I'm crazy for asking my watch the answers to the mysteries of the universe

I believe I'll be vindicated some day. Only time will tell.

Its crazy how some people die after having a s**..., but others just lose a b**... function and are otherwise okay..

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

I hate when people have missing toes!

You might even say I'm...lack toes intolerant.
(Is this a dad joke? The gf is pretty baby crazy lately and i dont know if im ready yet)

It's crazy to think that people would break into houses by swiping their credit card.

Nowadays, you have to use the chip to break in.

People who don't believe in the moon landing are crazy!

Like c'mon, who still thinks the moon is real?

I'm 31 and my girlfriend is 19. People make bad comments about it all the time and this is crazy

Btw we are celebrating our 10th anniversary next week

Did you know that French people can look into the future?

It's crazy that they can do that but all they do is look at memes. Why else would they be saying let's get this bread in the 1700s?

No matter where people live, they always think that their city has crazy weather.

Its almost like they have to deal with MY city's crazy weather!

I always hang out with my imaginary friend.

People used to think I'm crazy talking to myself in public.
But everything is fine now; I wear airpods.

Why do crazy people perform terrible h**...?

They can't get a grip.

Bert Tom Chris Joke

(Bert Kreischer) In L.A. people get offended for other people - (Tom Segura) So, I like to say offensive things because it makes me feel warm inside to invoke that reaction - (Chris D’elia) Matter of fact, I have to do crazy things to feel like a normal human...?

I'm a 5G installation engineer and people are constantly accusing me with bizarre conspiracy theories, such as how 5G is giving them headaches, or killing their s**.... I think they are completely crazy.

4G must've fried their brains.

What do crazy people do when they get lost in the woods?

They take the psychopath!

People are crazy in Michigan; protesting Covid-19 despite being one of the hardest hit states?

There must be something in the water.

Mikhail Gorbachev started an anti-alcohol campaign in USSR in 1980s. People went crazy because of the restrictions on selling of alcohol. An old Soviet joke went like this:

A disaffected and angry citizen, fed up of standing in lines for v**..., decided to go assassinate Gorbachev. He soon came back and ruefully reported that the lines to assassinate Gorbachev were even longer than the lines for v**....

People who mix up literally with figuratively make me crazy!

Well that's what the talking rabbit in my bedroom tells me.

Two people are looking at a new car...

Two people are looking at a car. The first person looks at the trunk and says, "Cargo space?"
The second person looks at the other as if he's crazy. "Car no do that. Car no fly."

A biker got into a terrible accident

He had been hit by a car and soon people rushed over to his side. It was crazy that the whole time he told everyone to look on the bright side, even though he was bleeding everywhere.
It wasn't too long before people kept asking him for his blood type so that the medics would know, but the only thing he would say was be positive!
— I heard this from a friends and don't know where it originated

A 90 year old Holocaust survivor told me this joke.

Two Jewish guys are walking wehn one notices a sign on a Catholic church that says ‟Convert to Christianity, and we'll give you $100.
The one says to the other, ‟should we do it?? The other says ‟NO!! Are you crazy? The first guy replies ‟Hey, a hundred dollars is a hundred dollars... I am gonna do it. So he walks in to the church, and little while later, he walks back out. The friend says ‟well, did you get the money? He replies ‟Oh that's all you people think about, is not it??

I told my Dad that crazy people have taken over the White House

He said, "So nothing new then"

People who vaccinate their kids are crazy!

h**... no, I didn't vaccinate my son! Are you out of your mind!? I had a doctor do it!

I told my wife that I have the same birthday as Adolf h**....

She said, "It's crazy to think that such a loathsome figure, who ruined the lives of so many people, shares the same birthday as Adolf h**...."

People said I was crazy for getting mixed vaccines

But I like to think of myself as a Modern-izer

An o**... walks up to another o**... and says...

"Hey, did you order an instrument from some crazy people?"
"No I didn't," says the o**....
The first one replies: "Well there's two nuts outside trying to move an o**... in!"

People call me crazy for saying that Canada is ruled by the son of Fidel Castro

...but it's Trudeau.

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