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A priest is walking down the street when he sees a little girl trying to reach a door knocker that is high-up on a front door.

"Let me help," he says, knocking on the door. "Now is there anything else I can do?"
"Yes," says the girl, "Now we run like crazy."

A man moves to a new neighborhood

After a few days his neighbor knocks on his door
"I'm having a party tonight" says the neighbor "you should come over. But I should let you know, my parties tend to get pretty wild. There will be a lot of drinking, probably some fighting, and some really crazy s**...."
"Sounds like fun" responds the man. "Should I bring anything?" he asks.
"That shouldn't be necessary" the neighbor says. "It will just be the two of us".

My crazy stepmom kept knocking on the mall's doors until the lockdown was over.

Unfortunately, she has now been released.

"A very Polite Deer"

A lizard is walking through the forest when he sees a rabbit knocked down. He askes what happened. The rabbit says "It was the deer. He's gone crazy and now he's hitting everyone with a bat, but I gotta say-he is very polite."
The lizard continues down the forest when he sees a bear also knocked down. He asks "What happened?" The bear responds "It was a deer. He has gone nuts! He hit me with a bat! But I can't not say, he is one very polite deer."
The lizard rushes to home, locks the door and goes to his room. He relaxes when from behind he hears...
"*good evening*"

Three old ladies lived together.

1st old lady was in the bathroom on the second floor and she yelled to the other two, I need help, I can't remember if I was about to take a shower or if I already took it . The second old lady was down stairs and she started going up the stairs to go help, but as she reached the second floor she stopped and wondered out loud, did I come up the stairs or was I going down? Seeing all this the third old lady who was sitting down started laughing and she muttered I'm so glad I'm not as dumb and crazy as those two, oh knock on wood and she knocked on the wooden table. She then got up and yelled to the other two I'll go help you but first I gotta go see who's at the door .

a man was late for a business meeting

so he was already in a rush when he had a flat tire. he pulled over and began changing to his spare. Just as he as about to mount the spare, he accidentally knocked all his lugnuts into a storm drain. so he begins cursing his luck.
It just so happens he pulled over next to an insane asylum where there were patients out on the grounds behind a chain link fence. one of the patients saw the commotion and came to the fence and asked him what was wrong. He explained that he had lost his lugnuts and couldn't mount the spare.
"just take one lugnut off of each of the other three tires. that will at least get you where you need to go, then you can get replacement nuts later." the patient suggested.
"that's actually really brilliant. thank you" the man said.
"yeah, well I'm in here because I'm crazy, not s**..."

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