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My Crazy Uncle

My uncle is actually insane. He sits in the corner of the room, fidgeting and blabbering nonsense to himself all the time. My family says it all started went he "went off the deep end" 25 years ago.
Personally, I think it started much earlier…when they forgot to put water in the pool.

What keeps members of a dysfunctional family together?

Crazy Glue

A man and his wife were watching Family Feud...

When this question came up:
"What age do women stop looking for Mr.Perfect and settle for Mr.Okay?"
"25!" his wife shouted.
"What, that's crazy!" the man argued.
"Well that's when I married you."

I'm not crazy

Man: Doctor my family thinks I'm nuts because I like pancakes, Psychiatrist: I see nothing wrong with that, I like pancakes too, Man: Well then you should come over and see my collection, I have three suitcases full.

A parent's job is basically a daily struggle to help a crazy person stay alive.

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