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The craziest thing happened at a bar tonight. A woman got her nipple pierced right in front of me!

On an unrelated note, I suck at darts.

Where does Crazy Horse live?

In an unstable.

That rabbi's gone crazy! He's been running around a circumcising all kinds of lettuce...

and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Craz joke, That rabbi's gone crazy! He's been running around a circumcising all kinds of lettuce...

My crazy great Grandma

My Great Grandma is 104, and she said to me:

"If the good die young, I MUST BE TERRIBLE"

Why did the crazy Mexican conductor get convicted for a crime?

...because he had Loco-Motive.

Everyone is going crazy over that Kim and Kanye named their baby "North West" I believe she's going straight to the top...

And slightly to the left

My Crazy Uncle

My uncle is actually insane. He sits in the corner of the room, fidgeting and blabbering nonsense to himself all the time. My family says it all started went he "went off the deep end" 25 years ago.

Personally, I think it started much earlier…when they forgot to put water in the pool.

Craz joke, My Crazy Uncle

What did they do with the Crazy 8's?

They put it in Solitaire confinement.

How does a crazy person walk through the forest?

He takes the psychopath.

Crazy ex-girlfriends are like a box of chocolate

They'll kill your dog

A new craze sweeps an Eastern European nation

Though Transylvania is mostly rivers and mountains, a new outdoor sport is achieving newfound popularity. Folks have been flocking to the calmer parts of the Olt and Danube to try out for a crew, the competitive paddling fad usually found in lakes. In fact, the sport has spread from the region to the whole country.

Truly, the nation has Ro-mania.

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What do crazy girlfriends and chocolate have in common?

They both kill your dog

How did the crazy person find his way out of the woods?

he took the psychopath!

How did the crazy man get across the forrest?

He took the psycho path. ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)


I once asked myself, "How crazy would it be if my dad died right now?"

The phone rang. I picked it up and was informed that my dad had just died. I hung up the phone and was deep in thought for a few minutes.

Then, I had an idea. I yelled, "How crazy would it be if my dad came back to life right now!"

The phone rang. I picked it up and was informed that my brother died too.

It's crazy how sexist the postal service is.

I guess that's natural with such a mail dominated industry.

Craz joke, It's crazy how sexist the postal service is.

Why did the crazy mexican crash a train?

He had loco motives...

I'll show myself out

Some crazy Spanish lady just killed a passenger simply because of the way he chose to travel...

It was a loco motive.

is it crazy how saying sentences backwards . . .

. . .create backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?

Crazy girls are like a street vendor's kebab

Hot, jucy, and dangerous.

Am I crazy...

... or does it smell like boogers in here?

How do really crazy people get through the forest?

Via the psycho path.

How do you tell a crazy Jew that it's all in his head?

"It's psychosemitic"

It's crazy how everyone sleeps differently.

I sleep on my side, my roommate sleeps on his back, and my ex sleeps with everyone.

Do you know that crazy Mexican that steals trains?

He had loco motives

Crazy man has sex with machine at laundromat and evades police

Nut screws washer and bolts

I'm so crazy about those Vietnamese sandwiches...

My local shop had to ban mi.

How do crazy people make it through a forest?

They take the psycho-path.

Why'd the crazy guy jump out of the hot air balloon's basket?

He wanted to escape from the ballooney bin.

How do crazy people go through the forest?

They take the pyschopath

It's crazy they couldn't shut bob marleys coffin when he died

It kept jammin

How do crazy people walk through the woods?

They take the psychopath.

It's crazy. One minute you're getting drunk as a skunk, then next thing you know, you're in the back of an ambulance.

I really shouldn't be a paramedic.

I'm not crazy

Man: Doctor my family thinks I'm nuts because I like pancakes, Psychiatrist: I see nothing wrong with that, I like pancakes too, Man: Well then you should come over and see my collection, I have three suitcases full.

What is a crazy cat lady's religious beliefs?


What's a crazy horse called?

A maneiac

There's something crazy I really want to try in bed..

Getting 8 hours of sleep

Where Did The Crazy Distance Runner Go To Run?

The Psycho-Path.

How can you tell if you going crazy?

Because puns about mathematics are usually the first sine of madness

"What's the craziest thing you've ever done for money?"

get a degree.

How did the crazy person find their way through the woods?

They took the psycho path.


Two crazy people are by the pool in an asylum...

One of them falls in, the other quickly jumps in and saves him.

The doctor later meets the saviour and says "we've assessed your situation and believe you're qualified to leave the asylum based on your rational deeds. However I regret to inform you that the man you saved hung himself in the same night".

The man smiles and confidently says "oh he didn't, I hung him to dry him up!"

How do crazy people get across the woods?

They use the psycho-paths

Nobody, Nothing, and Crazy go on a boat.

Nobody, Nothing, and Crazy go on a boat. Nobody falls in the water. Nothing tells Crazy to call the police. Crazy quickly pulls out his phone and dials 911 and says: "Hi, I'm Crazy. I call for Nothing, Nobody fell in the water".

Its crazy how some people die after having a stroke, but others just lose a bodily function and are otherwise okay..

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Three crazys try to escape a mental hospital

Three crazys try to escape a mental hospital when they suddenly notice a guard

Fearing that he might hear his footsteps, the first crazy says meow

The guard thinks it's a cat and doesn't bat an eye

The second guy does the same and the guard again doesn't bat an eye

When it's third guy's turn he says

"I am also a cat"

It's crazy to think that people would break into houses by swiping their credit card.

Nowadays, you have to use the chip to break in.

When crazy people go walking,

They can take the psychopath or the sociopath.

Did you know about the crazy train driver?

I hear he has tons of loco-motives.

Wasn't crazy about getting genital warts

but I have to admit, they are growing on me

How does a crazy person travel through the woods?

They take the psychopath

I just saw Crazy Rich Asians and I have one problem with the film

If they're so rich, why are they from Singapoor?

A crazy guy was taking the bus

There was this crazy guy that took the bus every data and always bought two tickets.
The bus driver intrigued one day decided to ask "why do you always buy two tickets" and the crazy guy says " well its simple I put one ticket in my left pocket and one in my right that way if i lose one I still have the other " and the driver asks " and what if you lose both tickets?" And he goes " oh don't worry i have a bus pass "

I once had a crazy drunken night in Barcelona...

It was inspain.

A crazy guy went inside a police station

A crazy guy went inside a police station and stole all the K-9 units' leashes. Police says they have no leads

Why do crazy people perform terrible handjobs?

They can't get a grip.

What do crazy people do when they get lost in the woods?

They take the psychopath!

My crazy stepmom kept knocking on the mall's doors until the lockdown was over.

Unfortunately, she has now been released.

I had this crazy dream where I was virtually weightless

I was like 0mg

After a crazy night on the town, all I can remember before blacking out is paramedics approaching me with a stretcher.

I guess I got carried away.

How crazy is the coronavirus pandemic?

Batshit crazy.

How did the crazy people find their way out of the woods?

They followed the psycho path.

The craziest job I ever had was cleaning the monkey cages in our local zoo.

That shit was bananas.

Isn't it crazy every planet is named after a Greek God except for earth?

It's just named after that stuff on the ground.

I kept having these crazy dreams where I woke up covered in Tyre tracks...

My Psychiatrist is convinced I'm a 'cycle-path'

It's crazy that they only have one unit of measurement in North Korea.

A supreme liter

I had a crazy dream last night! I was swimming in an ocean of orange soda.

Turns out it was just a Fanta sea.

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