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Whenever my artist girlfriend is sad I let her draw things on my body.

I gave her a shoulder to crayon.

Whenever my wife is upset

Whenever my Wife is upset, I let her color in my black and white tattoos.

Sometimes she just needs a shoulder to crayon..

Crayons are just like M&Ms....

They taste the same no matter what colour they are.

Crayon joke, Crayons are just like M&Ms....

When my kid is upset I let her colour my tattoo!

She just needs a shoulder to Crayon

Which crayon at the Crayola factory is in charge of answering the phones?


Fill out job applications in crayon...

...and if you don't get hired, just blame it on your color.

They laughed at my crayon drawings...

I laughed at their chalk outlines.

Crayon joke, They laughed at my crayon drawings...

Why do school nurses bring a red crayon to work?

So they can draw blood

I was eating an orange this morning, but it tasted funny...

so I put it back in the crayon box!

This orange does not taste right...

I think I'm gonna put it back in the crayon box.

I just can't draw blood

With this orange crayon.

It isn't sharp enough.

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My niece stabbed me with a red crayon today...

It drew blood

Where does a crayon go on vacation?

Color-ado. My seven year old just told me this one.

Why did the elephant paint itself lots of different colors.

So that it could hide in the crayon box. Courtesy of my 4 y/o niece.

Where do crayons go on vacation?


I was applying to volunteer at a blood drive, but they rejected me when they asked me to demonstrate drawing blood.

I guess they didn't want me to use crayon.

Crayon joke, I was applying to volunteer at a blood drive, but they rejected me when they asked me to demonstrate

What did the White crayon say to the Black crayon?

We make a GRAY team!

Offensive crayon ideas!

Presidential Orange

Miscarriage Maroon

Privilege White

Travel Ban Brown

Lives Matter Black

"I should have known better than to talk to him like that, these bruises are my fault" Blue

I had a package delivered

And it was covered in drool and crayon.

That's the last time I pay for a special delivery.

How do you turn a brown crayon into a red marker? [oc]


How do you confuse a blonde?

Give her a coloring book, and tell her to color in all the pages with a white crayon.

What do you call a lost crayon?

a Strayola

Two kids are playing with crayons...

They see Effie Trinket and ask "What color is this?"

She proceeds to throw the crayon on the floor exclaiming "That is mahogany!"

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