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Best Short Craigslist Jokes

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  1. I saw an ad on Craigslist "Radio, $1, volume stuck on high." I thought, "I can't turn that down...
  2. Craigslist A man placed an ad on his local craigslist: "Wife wanted".
    Next day he received a hundred letters.
    They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."
  3. I just bought a used time machine on craigslist. They sure don't make them like they're going to anymore.
  4. Why couldn't Pinocchio get a date on craigslist because everyone wanted "no strings attatched"
  5. browsing craigslist Saw a post for a hot water heater for sale. I responded and asked if it worked on cold water as well.
  6. I had a date with a six foot, eight inch drag queen I found on Craigslist. Boy was I disappointed when I discovered he was 6'8
  7. Scientists have a new working theory on what happened before the Big Bang. Your mom put an ad on Craigslist.
  8. The police station installed "Safe Spots" for Craigslist sales... Which is great because I always met in a park under a tree but it always seemed so shady.
  9. I found a very lucrative deal on the firearms section on Craigslist. A French MAS36 rifle. Never fired, dropped once.
  10. Last month I unknowingly purchased stolen roofing supplies. I wrote a Craigslist post to alert others... HOT SHINGLES IN YOUR AREA
Craigslist joke, Last month I unknowingly purchased stolen roofing supplies. I wrote a Craigslist post to alert other

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Craigslist One Liners

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  1. Does Craigslist have friends for sale? Asking for a friend
  2. I found a cheap prosthetic arm on Craigslist Secondhand
  3. Why can't you talk about craigslist in public Its classifieds
  4. What was the triceratops looking for on Craigslist? A tricerabottom.
  5. Did you hear where they're looking for the new James Bond actor? In Daniel Craigslist
  6. I like my women like I like my cars Fast, loud, used off craigslist.
  7. Why don't people sell their soul to God? He hasn't put up an ad on Craigslist yet.
  8. A hipster made craigslist listing He wants to trade new item for old
  9. Coworker said he found his mom on LinkedIn... "Funny... I found her on Craigslist."
  10. How did Moses feel after falling for a craigslist scam? Egypt.
  11. I saw a Craigslist ad the other day. It said looking to trade: Banana for scale
  12. Wonder if Bruce Jenner will start using craigslist personals now.....
  13. I just got a great deal on a Flesh Light... Craigslist is the best!
  14. Craigslist Personals and Backpage are gone. Congressional c**...

Craigslist joke, Craigslist Personals and Backpage are gone.

Comical Craigslist Jokes and Gems that Will Get You in Laughter Land

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A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer.

"I put an ad on Craigslist today trying to sell my pet python," he tells the bartender. "Is it big?" the bartender asks. "It's freakin' huge!" the guy replies. "How many feet?" the bartender asks. "None you idiot," the guy replies. "It's a snake."

I was browsing Craigslist the other day, when I came across someone who wanted to learn how to make macaroni.

Being a master macaroni maker myself, I responded to his offer, and we set up a time and place to meet so I could teach him. When we met up, he took one look at me, and he told me that I didn't look like someone who could even make halfway decent macaroni. "Sir", I assured him, "I promise I'm a master of my Kraft."

Once there was a guy named Bill who wanted a horse.

On Craigslist, Bill saw a Christian horse so he went to check it out.
When Bill got to the ranch, the horse's owner said "It's easy to ride him. Just say 'praise the Lord' to make him go, and 'amen' to make him stop." Bill got on the horse and said "praise the Lord." the horse started to walk. "Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord" and the horse is running. Now Bill sees the cliff and says: "AMEN."
The horse stops and Bill says: "Whew! Praise the lord!"

I ordered a chicken and an egg off Craigslist

The chicken was dead and the egg was cracked

I saw a truck for sale on DC Craigslist, it was old and ugly, made terrible noises and got laughed right out of Washington

It was a Christine Blasey Ford

Do you ever leave a craigslist ad up after you've sold the item just to get that little rush when someone texts you?

Ya me neither.

Craigslist joke, Do you ever leave a craigslist ad up after you've sold the item just to get that little rush when so

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