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The Best Craft Beer Puns

What alcohol do you drink in survival video games?

Craft beers

I make my own Japanese craft beer.

It's called "Impossi-BrΓΌ."

Two Jewish brothers started up a craft beer distillery

called He-Brews

Craft Beer joke, Two Jewish brothers started up a craft beer distillery

Stanford University releases nearly 200 cases of sex abuse

A limited edition craft beer made on campus

How are craft beer and World War II soldiers alike?

Both are better from the draft.

What did one craft beer say to the other after their boxing match?

How's your mouthfeel?

What do you call a hoppy Canadian craft beer?

An IP-Eh?

Craft Beer joke, What do you call a hoppy Canadian craft beer?

I like my craft beers like I like my abuse...


Why was the craft beer snob sad?

He had saisonal depression.

My craft beer brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like

It's better then Coors

Two crows are sitting at the bar having a craft beer.

One crow drinks his down quickly and rudly takes his buddy's beer. The other crow snatches it back and exclaims, "My crow brew!"

What did the German say to the craft beer artisan?

Eine bier, bitte.

What do Roy Moore and craft beer have common?

They both come in half-pints...

What's an astronaut's drink of choice?

Spacecraft beer

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