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How many crackheads does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Just one more.

It was so hot in Dallas today...

I saw a crackhead put copper wire back into an air conditioner.

What's a crackhead with no drugs?


Crackhead joke, What's a crackhead with no drugs?

what's the difference between a crack head and a pot head?

If a crackhead overdoses you find them dead in the gutter, if pothead overdoses you find them asleep in the fridge.

Wanna know what you call a smart crackhead?

A geologist.

The best part of being a crackhead....

Only two more sleeps until Christmas.

What do you call a dead crackhead?

A methylated spirit.

Happy NY!

Crackhead joke, What do you call a dead crackhead?

What's the difference between Hillary Clinton and a crackhead?

The crackhead actually gets arrested.

What do you call a crackhead who helps to turn your life around?

A motivational tweaker.

What's the difference between a hooker and a crackhead?

A hooker washes her crack and resells it.

How does a crackhead lose weight?

Diet Coke.

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If i get a blow job from a meth addict...

is that crack-head?

My crackhead of a son said he's sick of my car jokes.

I wish he would just get Hyundai.

What do crackheads eat for dinner?

Two tiddlywinks of

There was once an egg that fell off a wall

Now he is a crackhead

What did the crackhead power ranger say to the other power ranger?

It's mighty morphine time

Crackhead joke, What did the crackhead power ranger say to the other power ranger?

What do you call a crackhead?

Mayor of Toronto

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