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Scientists found out that c**... hear through their legs.

A scientist yelled at a crab and it ran away. Then he cut of its legs and yelled at it again. And suddenly the crab didn't run away anymore.

How about you put sand...

...between those legs to make the c**... feel at home?

Yo momma's so n**...

That when you asked her what's for dinner, she opened her legs and said c**....

Why didn't the bee want crab legs?

He wanted bee-food, not seafood!

Winston and a Cat

What is the difference between J. Winston and a cat?
One ruins girls clothes and steals crab legs, the other one is also losing the Rose Bowl.

Nick Saban and Jameis Winston walk into a bar...

To watch the National Championship game.
After five minutes Winston is caught in the kitchen stuffing his shirt with crab legs.
Upon hearing of their potential ban from the bar, Saban hides out and waits until the middle of the night to sneak quietly to another bar in a different city.

Crab lice on holidays

Two crab lice agree to meet on the beach in Florida for Summer holidays. One already being there, the other arrives all shivering.
"Why are you shivering?" asks the first.
The second answers: "I arrived in a motorcyclist moustache... I alsmost froze to death..."
" That's s**...," says the first, "do like I do. Climb up a stewardesses leg, stay in here croch and you'll be here in no time, nice an cosy."
Next year, they meet again. The second one is shivering again, saying :
" I did what you said... I climbed up a stewardesses leg and lay down at her croch. It was so warm and cosy, I fell asleep. Once I woke up, I was in a motorcyclists moustache again..."

Yo mama is so stank...

She has to put ice between her legs to keep the c**... fresh.

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