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The Best Cowgirl Puns

Why don't hillbillies ever try reverse cowgirl?

Because you don't turn your back on family.

A shy cowboy goes into a bar

*this is an old one but I'll give it a try* he sees a nice looking cowgirl sitting on a bar stool. He doesn't know how to approach her so he just takes a seat somewhere else. After a while he gets an idea. He gets up, pulls out his gun, and shoots and kills everyone in the room, but her. He goes to her and says: "Now what is a nice-looking lady like yourself doing here all alone?"

What sex position are you not allowed to use in the south?

Reverse cowgirl, you never turn your back on family.

Why don't rednecks do reverse cowgirl?

You don't turn your back on family.

Do you know why cowgirls are bowlegged?

Because cowboys eat with their hats on.

Why we don't do reverse cowgirl in Alabama.

Down here in Alabama we don't ever do "Reverse Cowgirl". Because we never turn our back on family!

Why are cowgirls Bowlegged?

Because Cowboys eat with their Hats on.

Why do cowgirls walk bow-legged?

Their boyfriends eat with their hats on.

Why do cowgirls have bow-legs?

Because cowboys always eat with their hats on.

Why is reverse cowgirl illegal in Alabama?

Because you should never turn your back on your family.

If my life was a sex position it would be reverse cowgirl

Because noone will look me in the eye and I'm not in control

Why does no one do the reverse cowgirl position in alabama?

Because you never turn your back on family

We don't do reverse cowgirl down here in the south

Never turn your back on family

In Alabama there is no such thing as reverse cowgirl

That's cuz we never turn our back on family

Apparently reverse cowgirl isn't popular in Alabama...

You never turn your back on family.

Reverse cowgirl is illegal in Alabama

You don't turn your back on family

Me and my girlfriend don't do reverse cowgirl

I was always taught to never turn your back on family.

Why don't they do reverse cowgirl in Alabama?

You don't turn your back on family

A hillbilly girl tells her guy How about we try reverse cowgirl tonight?

He replies Hey! You never turn your back on family.

Bob was late to come to see his friend John at the bar

John: Dude, you're so late!

Bob: You won't believe what just happened to me. On my way here, I saw a girl tied to a train track. I untied her and we had sexy time together.

John: That sounds awesome dude!

Bob: Yeah, I know right. We did missionary, doggy, cowgirl etc. you name it.

John: Did you receive head?

Bob: Nah, couldn't find it.

The sexual position reverse cowgirl has been outlawed in West Virginia.

They claim turning your back on family is very insulting.

Why don't people in Alabama do the reverse cowgirl?

Because they don't turn their back on family

My friend asked me if I had to have sex with my mother to save my father's life what would I do?

Apparently reverse cowgirl is the wrong answer.

That's a Jimmy Carr joke, btw. It's my go to at the moment. Happy Friday everyone!

Three women went to see the OB/GYN

The Brunette came out and said, "We had sex in the missionary position, and we're going to have a boy!"

The Redhead came out and said, "We had sex in the cowgirl position, and we're having a girl!"

The Blonde started sobbing as she stood to go in. Between sobs, she said, "Oh no! We're having puppies!"

I told my girlfriend that she was rubbish in the cowgirl position.

"If you're going to insult me, I'll just pack my bags and leave. How does that sound to you?" she yelled.

"Honey," I said. "You can run, but you can't ride."

What do you call it when a drunk cowgirl falls off her stool at the bar?

A hoedown

Why don't people do reverse cowgirl in Dixie?

Because you don't turn your back on family.

What do you contract from unprotected sex with a cowgirl?


I'm really into Cowgirls

You could even say I like my Puss in Boots.

Why did the farmer vivisect his daughter?

He wanted to reverse cowgirl.

Abbott and Costello

Costello: . . . I was in love with a bow-legged cowgirl and she was roundin' up cattle. Abbott: And what happened? Costello: She couldn't get her calves together. ~ Rio Rita (1942)

What's the favorite sex position of Git users?

Revert cowgirl.

The cowgirl position is okay.

It has its ups and downs.

Roses are red, white is a pearl

If you're gay and riding your boyfriend is it still reverse cowgirl?

TIL: People in Alabama don't do reverse cow-girl.

They never turn their back on family.

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