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The Best Cowculator Puns

How does a farmer count his cows??

with a Cowculator!!

A series of cow jokes

Q: What do you call a sleeping cow?
A: A bull-dozer
Q: How does a farmer count his cows?
A: With a cowculator
Q: Why do cows wear bells?
A: Because their horns don't work
Q: Why don't cows have money?
A: The farmers milk them dry
Q: What's a grumpy cow called?
A: Moooody

How do cows do math?

A cow-culator.

haha haha ha ... ok, I'll leave.

What does a calf use to do maths?

A cowculator.

What does a cow use to do a big math?

A Cowculator.

How does a farmer count his cows?

With a COWculator...

But, what if they all have babies?

Then he MOOtiplies them!

Man, I'm really milking these puns for more than they're worth...

How do you count cows?

You use a cow-culator.

Or you round them up.

Or any other method the commenters want.

What do you use to calculate a cow?

What do you use to calculate a cow?

Me: a cowculator

How do farmers count their cattle?

With a *cow*culator

How does a rancher keep track of his cattle?

With a cow-culator.

How do cows do Maths?

They use a cowculator.

What do bulls do math with?

A cow-culator!

(Cue groans)

How do bovines do math?

They use a cow-culator!


What do you call a cow that knows math?

A cowculator.

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