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The Best Cowardly Puns

Why are bassists considered cowardly?

Because they disappear at the first sign of treble.

What do cowardly terrorists and my Reddit posts have in common?

None of them blew up yet

What do you call a cowardly revolution?

A chicken coup.

What do you call a cowardly platypus?

A platypussy.

Why did the cowardly king refuse to visit his stables?

Because they were full of knight mares.

Who is the most cowardly knight in all the land?

Sir Ender

What's the difference between a cowardly sex offender and your job?

Your job will always suck

Politicians are like Dorothy's friends in the Wizard of Oz

Heartless, brainless & cowardly

Why was Green Lantern defeated by the cowardly man?

The man was a yellow belly.

What's the most cowardly Italian dish?

Fettuccine a-fredo

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